Нигерийские письма (Интернет Мошенничество) (4)

Сегодня Нигерийские скамеры прислали вот такое письмо,
конечно же к уважаемому Union банку это письмо отношения не имеет, однако все вложенные в письме картинки с сайта этого банка, хотя там даже адрес обратный неверный.
Если позвонить по указанному ниже номеру, то конечно же ответит "Финансовый контролер".
их цель - выбить как можно больше реальной информации: Банк, банковский счет, паспортные данные, а лучше скан. паспорта, все что может быть для них существенным чтобы снять деньги.

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Attn:Ivanov Oleg Ivanowich,
Ref:Mrs.Anita Ratnavale's Fund.


Consequent upon the receipt of the mail from you and the necessary documents(Hard Copies) today from your attorney,Barrister Steve Morris relating to this fund,We want to inform you that We have received and accepted the paperwork presentation in this transaction.
We are very well-satisfied with the documents presented on your behalf by Steve Morris.This has further proven to us that you are the real beneficiary to the fund of our customer;Mrs. Anita Ratnavale.
We have therefore decided to release the fund to you.

The Foreign Operations Unit of this Bank has been mandated to transfer the fund to you without delay and they have commenced action already in that regard.
You are therefore by this notice required to furnish this office which of the following methods is preferable for you to receive the fund.

1.Electronic Wiring
2.Cashier's Check
3.International Bank Draft

If (1) above is your choice, you are required to provide your banking information which includes the following:

---Your Bank name,
---Your account number,
---Your Routing number,
---Your swift Code [if any],
---Your bank location.

The above information will enable an easy and quick transfer of the fund to you as the fund will be wired direct to your account in not more than 48 hours once the information is provided by you.

Since the legal aspect of the fund has been concluded and we are satisfied with the Hard copies of the Documents provided by your attorney relating to this matter,the transfer of the fund will follow suit in no distant time.

You should endeavor to furnish us of the above relevant information to enable us serve you better.

"You have to send us a copy of your International Passport or your driving License to serve as a form of Identification before we can release the fund to you".


Dr. Gordon Abu.
Financial Controller,
UNION-Bank Plc

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