Bither Airdrop » Earn free up to 25 BTR tokens (~$30) » 25% BTR per ref

Earn 8 Bither [~$10.8] with a special bounty program!


1. Register an account on Bither platform.

2. Verify your E-mail and Login to your account.

3. Fill out the KYC form.

4. Set your ETH wallet address on the "WHITELIST" page.

5. Click on ''Reward'' every 24 hours and earn Bither tokens.

For a question relevant to Bither Platform, The reward for the correct answer is 0.4 BTR token. For a general question about the knowledge of blockchain technology, The reward for the correct answer is 0.1 BTR token.

* You have no time limit to answer the questions, so feel free to search and find the right answer. Also, there is no negative point for incorrect answers.