Wall Painting Ideas For Your Home

Walls aren’t just long sheilds holding your home together! They are more than just that.

They surely act as strong sheilds against all the winds and rains(they keep you safe as well! :D). But they are a major part of making or breaking the design aspect of your home. One single abstract stroke of color on an empty wall can add a lot of oomph to a boring space.

Same way, the design sce has encouraged a lot of Architects in Bangalore to experiment on the numerous design implications that change the entire look of any house for that matter. You can make a new home look antique; a old one look new. It is just as simple as that! The color, patterns, textures and everything else involved in a design can bring about a huge change on the entire outlook of a home.

Here are few Wall Painting Ideas curated just for you!

For The Fashionista

There is surely someone who is reading this and has a huge passion for the fashion scene. So how can we not bring in soething fashionable for you? Bring in this miral on your wall and you will definitely not regret a single bit of it. A great choice for anyone who loves pinks and reds. Adds a bit of your personality and shows your style. This chic look is easy to achieve and all you need is just a plain light colored wall and a mural of your choice!

Go Ombre

Ombre Walls are a sure show stoppers in the design scene. You can go for a mix of two pastel shades of a receding tone. It surely puts up a sweet illusion in your space. You can implement these in literally any zone of your house. Be it your living room, bedroom or even your bathroom. There is a lot of room to play with the decor. All the freedom is yours. You can add a contrasting color or anything from the same palette and you will not dislike it even the slightest.

Striped Walls

Very easy to achieve this lok. It is not only easy; but also enhances the look of your space. Stick to the colors which you might bring in with the decor. A dark shade mixed with a lighter one works best, if you are wondering which color to choose. Like in this one, the bedroom looks chic with the mix of nude and black. The room decor adding up a little spice to it.

(Images: Via Pinterest)