Neutral Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Ramesh Kumar
Neutral Decor Ideas For Your Home

Scorching Sun over our heads all day long surely takes a toll on us! We cannot ask the Sun to take a pause, but we can revamp our interiors instead. This works wonders. Architects in Bangalore nod a huge ‘Yes’ for this.

Are you wondering how neutral interior can help? Well, bright colors are too harsh on your eye and often stress them out. So coming home to neutral shades helps to a greater extent by creating a sense of coolness and neutrality lashing out the heat.

If you are looking for a new style to revamp your space this summer, don’t move away from this. Read along to find amazing neutral decor ideas for your home. There will literally be zero regrets if you happen to bring in these cool neutral shades into your home.

For Your Living Room

Neutrals in the living room are the best bet. They lighten the entire space by not being too loud. High-raised windows are best appreciated for making room for more ventilation and natural light to come in. Stay with the soft curves to cut off all the complicated sharp edges. A light shaded carpet suits really well to hold the balance between all the light azure around. Mix and match with whites for a greater appeal. Add a soft beige centerpiece and you are good to go.

Taupe Bedroom

Summer Bedrooms must be clean and tidy. Make sure you eliminate all the unwanted materials and decor around that don’t serve you. Staying neutral gives fresh vibes and adds life to your space. Taupe is a great color to maintain the flow of colors. There are numerous architectural firms which firmly believe in this. White mattress, light beige curtains having a clean amalgamation with taupe create a beautiful collaboration. Don’t overdo any color. Taupe blanket and small throw pillows on the white mattress works wonders and something you must try this summer!


If you are fond of the rustic decor and find it hard to let go of it, this is for you. Staying neutral with the rustic feel is not as difficult to implement. Rustic architectural designs colliding with neat and neutral pieces are a good way to go. If you hire a good architect, they will do all of this for you. If not, consider an accent single piece of furniture in your space. A concrete pot with dried plants is one sight for your eye. You bring this by the side of a window for some cool breeze and enjoy your summer sipping on to a cold lemonade and relax indoors.

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March 21, 2019
by Ramesh Kumar