Millennial Home Decor Ideas

With the rising demand for Millennial homes, Architects in Bangalore are tightening their seatbelts to go on a fun ride in the Millennial Park. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

It surely is. These homes are everything about the Millennial spirits that scream and screech about the youthfulness, functionality, fun, high design entropy and comfort with not much to do.

How is The Millennial Decor different from the rest of its counterparts? It mainly is a carefree design trend with all the latest design implication yet a lot of functionality and comfort. It breaks free from the age-old design norms and trends. It is basically a wake-up call to move from the 1970s and embrace the new-age technology and design implementations.

There are numerous design solutions to choose from and the residential architects are usually excited to work on these projects. Project management of the same is also assured to be safe and cost-effective.

Here are a few Millennial Home Decor Ideas you can look into!

Hanging Chair

Swing Chairs or Hanging chairs are the epitome of comfort and style. You can bring in these pieces from the wide range of products available online or at the store. Place them in a neat corner or an empty space. Very apt to spend some time and relax while sipping on your coffee and reading a book. Few houseplants around to make the surrounding a little lively. Last but not least, add some throw blankets and cushions to get comfier in your own zone.

The Bedroom Affair

The best thing about the Millennial style is that there is a lot of youthful vibe with really less need to stay sophisticated with the decor. A bedroom that is cozy, comfortable and highly functional is everything you could ask for. And also not to forget the high design amplification provided along with it. Her, the wooden lining across the lonely wall serves as a hanger for all the essentials. A lot of throw pillows on the bed add for the comfort. A simple chair can be bought in as well. The floor may be adorned with floor mats in different prints. It is advisable to stick to a single palette.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a very innovative way of making your home look better and all the parts of it are enhanced. Choosing the right colors for this is more than necessary. Minimal furniture and not-so-loud decor are very appreciated.  Clean lines and shapes can be enhanced without much to do.

(Images: Via Pinterest)