June 10, 2021

3 Celebrity Ombre Hair Color We Are Obsessed With

Ombre hair color

If you've been thinking about changing your hair color but can't seem to settle on a single shade, ombre is the answer. With the advent of pastel and unicorn colors that have filled our social feeds recently, you may not have heard much about the hair color procedure in a hot minute, but rest assured, ombre hair is back and better than you remember. The only ombre inspiration you'll ever need is right here.

1. Blonde with gold Ombre

Blonde with gold ombre hair

Laverne's wheat blonde with gold Ombre complements her skin tone well. It serves as a highlighter and adds a shine to the curls, making them appear light. It's also a terrific choice for women with dark roots who want a blonde appearance but can't handle the upkeep of frequent root touchups. This color looks great on curly hair since it doesn't require full bleach, which may be damaging.

2. Beyonce's Platinum ends.

Platinum ends-Ombre

Queen Bee is famed for never doing anything wrong, and her hair is no exception. Colorist Chad Kenyon adds, She shines with this glam ombre hair. It's an ombré gradient that's hyper-natural, with light around her face to highlight her beautiful features. Beginning in the rear, the depth and dimension progressively increase until the ends burst into a vivid lemon-drop blonde.

3. Splashes of brightness in gorgeous curls

Ombre hair trend

The ombre of the famous model has a contemporary feel to it. The combination of soft caramel and deep brown in this coloring job gives her hair additional character. There's a lot of brightness throughout, but not all of the ends are luminous. It's more flattering on her skin tone and gives her a more polished appearance.