June 17, 2021

3 Essential Tools And Products For Layered Hair

Layered hair

If you're new to layers, you'll want to know which products are ideal for layered hair. Even the most talented hairstylists are limited in their abilities. To keep those layers looking gorgeous, you'll need to follow up with high-quality equipment and treatments at home, even if you have a perfect haircut. Your layered hairstyle might be going flat if you don't have these 3 must-have items.

Thickening mousse

Mousse for layered hair

If you like mousse when it comes to hair products, Living proof has the right product to lift those layers. When your hair flattens, one of the most serious issues with layered hairstyles arises. The layers may appear jagged and malformed, but this Thickening Full Form Mousse will give you real volume. Also, this particular product can be used on 4c textured hair.

Hot clips for sectioning

Hot clips for layered hair

Clipping back certain portions of the hair throughout the drying and style process is the way to go if you want to give those layers an extra push. These slip-resistant 4" clips from Hot Tools Professional will keep your hair sectioned while you're styling. Use when your hair is still moist to focus on a single-layered area at a time. You can shop this type of hot clip from any hair store.

Super Strength Finishing Spray

This flexible finishing spray doesn't flake or turn brittle like hair spray, but it does offer a long-lasting hold with a glossy, frizz-free sheen that can be styled and restyled. That is the ideal outcome for layered hair.

Layered hair requires a certain amount of skill, but the tools, treatments, and patience necessary will pay off in the end. You'll know it was worth the additional time and money when your hair gets the definition and bounce it deserves.