June 11, 2021

4 Easy Tips To Keep Your Blowout Hair Last Longer

blow-out weave

Blowout hair can be the ultimate way to style. It will give a perfect bouncy look with a soft texture. Treat your hair thoroughly during the style process if you want your natural blowout to last. Once the style is complete, it will require nightly upkeep to keep it looking fresh, but the results will be well worth your time and work. Here are easy tips on how to keep your blowout hair last longer.

1. Treat your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

natural blow-out hair

A few things you or your stylist can do to influence how long the style lasts during the procedure. If your hair is dehydrated, it will seek moisture from the environment, causing it to revert fast.

Using heat protection and frizz-preventing products, as well as keeping your natural hair and scalp clean and conditioned, appropriately hydrated, and protein balanced, are all essential.

2. Trim your ends

Curly hair can make your hair look rough and creates split ends, which can spoil the look of your blowout hairstyle. After your blowout, trim split ends to aid with upkeep as well as increase the longevity of your style. You may also use rice water split end therapy, which is gentle enough to use regularly and can restore damaged hair.

3. Dry shampoo your hair

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When your hair has been blown out, use a dry shampoo to remove oil from the roots. Dry shampoo also helps to absorb sweat from your hair, extending the life of your blowout. Visit the Indique hair store to shop this Indique hair care essentials dry shampoo.

4. Wear a silk/satin scarf or a wrap hat.

Use satin scarf to protect your blow out hair

Make sure you sleep with a wrap hat or a silk/satin scarf to keep the wrap or pin-curl fixed in place. This can also help to keep your hair tidy and manageable throughout. Silk and satin pillow covers provide a soft surface that helps minimize split ends and maintains blowout hair in style.