June 7, 2021

4 Ways To Style Luscious Long Layers- Medium Hair.

Layers for short hair

What exactly is layering? Layering is a powerful cutting method that can bring life to flat hair, provide lightness to thick hair, and give the structure of your curls.

If you have shorter hair, layers may soften a style that is otherwise harsh and blunt by adding structure and movement. If you have natural hair, then be careful about what type of layers you would prefer. Maybe you can choose tapered to long layers if you have thin natural hair. So make sure to see that suits your hair.

1. Choppy short bobs

Choppy layers

Choppy bobs are a popular option to style short hair with layers, especially if you don't want to spend a lot of time doing so. Choppy layers offer texture and movement to your tresses without requiring a lot of effort to style.

To create long-lasting volume to your textured hair, use hair Spray before blow-drying from Indique hair store

2. Long layered bobs

Delicate, feathery layers look wonderful in a long layered bob, which looks stunning when fashioned into wispy waves. To fully frame and enhance your face features, do this with a center part. Or you can also choose to add bangs for a more dramatic look. Choppy bangs to wispy bangs will be a great combination that will add the limelight to your long-layered bobs.

3. Captivating V- cut hair with layers

V- cut layers

Ask for a V cut the next time you go to the salon if you want to add dimension and natural body to your hair without putting in any effort. The layers are cut at a sharp angle and terminate in a V shape to give your style a lot of movement. Request a U cut if you prefer something more subtle but still want mobility.

After a couple of weeks, you may notice that your hair is starting to feel a touch lackluster. Don't worry; you can always use shine spray or oil to retain the luster forever.

4. Medium-length layered bob.

Long layers for medium hair

Long layers are a fantastic place to start if you're not ready for short, choppy layers but still want to create volume and movement. You can choose different hairstyles that will oomph your hair that will give a fuller look.