Everything You Need To Know About Laser Micromachining-Etching-Engraving

Laser engraving is performed when lasers are used for engraving numbers, letters, even pictures on various substrates. Initially, engraving on a substrate would require contact with the tools you are engraving and continuously replacing the tool bit once it has worn out. But thanks to femtosecond and picosecond laser micromachining, the laser engraving technique does not require the use of tool bits its a kind of contactless form of machining. Still, there are various ways to mark or engrave a substrate.

Laser Etching

Most laser etching machines involves three main components: the laser, the controller, and the surface. The laser uses a beam, as small as a pencil tip to trace and etch patterns onto various surfaces. A computer-generated program guides the controller, with precision, to create intricate patterns and details.

The controller manipulates the direction, speed of movement, intensity, and even the width of the beam itself. This is how companies that offer laser etching can produce custom designs for just about any "laserable" material. The surface is carefully matched with the product being etched and how the laser will react to it.

Laer micromachining

Unlike laser etching, micromachining is a different process, but in some aspects, they are the same. Both laser etching and micromachining perform a method of etching. However, laser micromachining uses two different processes to produce patterns and details on selected materials.

The first method is the surface micromachining. This method uses a series of thin-film depositions or layers and etching to create structures that sit atop a substrate. Just as with laser etching, the angled and dimensions will be detailed and defined. The other method mentioned is bulk micromachining. Just as with the other process, bulk micromachining can be done with wet or dry etching. 

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