The changing dynamics in Epoxy Resin Market in Pressure Vessels with covid-19 impact assessment

The unexpected shifts in the global markets because of the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 virus have brought many major and minor tremors to industries of all sizes including the Epoxy Resin Market in Pressure Vessels.

It was estimated prior to this unanticipated outbreak that the Epoxy Resin Market in Pressure Vessels will grow at CAGR of 12.2% during the forecast period. However, the gradual slowing down of industries will undoubtedly impose limits on the previously estimated growth rate.


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Epoxy Resin Market in Pressure Vessels Segment Analysis:

Based on vessel type, type IV tank is likely to witness high growth over the next five years and so is the demand for epoxy resins in this vessel type. Type IV tank incorporates a greater amount of carbon epoxy composites and offers maximum weight saving as compared to other pressure vessel types. There is an increasing penetration of type IV tanks particularly in mass transit buses and medium & heavy duty commercial vehicles. For medium & heavy duty commercial vehicles, higher fuel density and lower mass of these vessels permit greater range and fuel efficiency, increased the operational interval between refueling stops, and reduced maintenance cost.  

Based on application type, CNG vehicles alone accounted for more than 90% of the epoxy resin market in the pressure vessels for alternative fuels and is expected to remain the largest application type over the next five years as well. Hydrogen fuel based vehicles currently generate negligible demand for pressure vessels and hence, the epoxy resin, but it is plausible that there would be a healthy production of hydrogen fuel based vehicles in the coming years as more than ten automakers have already released FCV demonstrators and test fleets.


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Europe is projected to remain the largest market for epoxy resins in pressure vessels for alternative fuels over the next five years, driven by an increased demand for alternative fuel vehicles using composite pressure vessels. This region is also likely to remain the fastest growing market during the same period as major European automakers are launching new auto models with powertrains dependent on compressed natural gas to leverage the abundant shale gas resources. A majority of them are using lightweight tanks with the purpose of reducing vehicle's weight to achieve European carbon emission standards.

Key Players:

The global epoxy resin market in pressure vessels is highly consolidated with the presence of a few major global players. Huntsman Corporation, Hexion Inc, Olin Corporation, Nan Ya Plastics, and The 3M Company are the major epoxy resin suppliers to the pressure vessel manufacturers worldwide. New product development and collaboration with pressure vessel manufacturers are some of the key strategies adopted by epoxy resin manufacturers to gain a competitive edge in the market.


Features of the Report

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The Ceramic Matrix Composites Market analysis report discusses the following heads in great detail:

  • Market structure: Overview, industry life cycle analysis, supply chain analysis
  • COVID-19 Impact Assessment
  • Market environment analysis: Growth drivers and constraints, Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Market trend and forecast analysis
  • Market segment trend and forecast
  • Competitive landscape and dynamics: Market share, product portfolio, product launches, etc.
  • Attractive market segments and associated growth opportunities
  • Emerging trends
  • Strategic growth opportunities for the existing and new players
  • Key success factors 


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