April 1, 2021

The European chapter of Karnataka Sanskrutika Sabha Forum (KSSF)

A social organization which strives to help Kannadigas in the Europe and India, has formed a new committee for next one year after the previous committee's term got over.

A committee of 24 members was chosen in a meeting recently held at KSSF Registered office.

The new elected office bearers are Manoj Kumar, president; Ravindra N Joshi and Vindoh R Bhat, vice presidents; Riyaz Ali, general secretary; Naveen S Kunder, joint secretary; Rakesh Rai , meeting coordinator; Sunil S, treasurer; Sathish L Bhat and Vittal Shenoy, joint treasurers; Subhash M Salian, press secretary; Srinivas Rao, cultural secretary; Santhosh Patil, Wilfred D’Souza and Pravin Netekar, joint cultural secretaries; James Mascarenhans, sports secretary; Arif Khan, joint sport secretary; Manish Shet, IT coordinator; Vasanth Gowda, membership coordinator; Sandeep Patil, Siddalinga Prasanna and Pradeep S Hebber, advisory council members; and Vincent D’Souza.

Manoj Kumar addressed the gathering and thanked the trust for having confidence in him and giving him the responsibility of being the president of the KSS Forum. He also assured to work as per the community’s expectations of the forum and enhance the KSS forum to support enormous number of needy Kannadigas.

Subhash M Salian thanked the previous executive committee of KSS Forum for reaching this level and hoped to get continuous support for the new team. He described KSS Forum as non profitable, non religious and non political organization working purely as a social organization to help the poor and needy people irrespective of religion within Karnataka.

Naveen S. Kunder congratulated the new team and advised them to work with the same spirit and elevate the forum to a higher level.

Vasanth Gowda expressed happiness for the popularity of the forum not only among Kannadigas but also other state communities.

Pradeep S Hebber said: “I was happy by seeing the amazing unity among all the Kannadigas from different parts of the state. I feel more comfortable in this organization.”

He also assured to work as per the expectations of the forum. Ahmed said: “Our forum is committed and will work in the field of Medical, education, culture, welfare and employment for the Kannadigas.”

Manish Shet described this forum as a group of family members and requested members to “keep the same spirit of unity which is our identity.”

Vittal Shenoy requested Kannadigas residing here to feel free and join the forum. They can be reached us through email kssforumcanada@gmail.com

Khan said: “I have lot of plans for organizing cultural programs for our state people which can be implemented with mutual consensus of executive members in upcoming meetings.”

Pravin Netekar praised the existing structure of KSS forum and appreciated the aims and objective designed.

Vindoh R Bhat extended the vote of thanks and in his speech he congratulated all the new office bearers and committee members for their contribution in the past and requested them to be like family members to strengthen the forum.

He thanked the Consulate General of India and the consul staff for their tremendous support toward the KSS Forum.

He also thanked the sponsors for their continuous support to the forum.