Hybrid Learning in School- Future of Education

Hybrid learning is an educational model in which some students attend class in-person, while rest join the class virtually from home. While the world is battling with a pandemic of COVID-19, hybrid learning comes to rescue. Students do not miss out on their Education and get access to an online classroom environment. Educators teach students remotely and in-person at the same time via tools like video conferencing hardware and software.

In some cases, hybrid classes comprise asynchronous learning elements, such as online exercises and video instruction, for face-to-face classroom sessions. When planned well, hybrid courses blend the best aspects of in-person and online learning while making Education more accessible for many students.

Is hybrid learning a new way of attaining Education? The hybrid model in schools till now has been a saviour. Not only it took control of the vulnerable situation in the education industry but also filled the loopholes of in-person learning. With so many benefits of hybrid learning, it will be a well-accepted change in all schools of the country.

How hybrid learning benefits schools in India?

The traditional forms of Education are redundant and are of no relevance, specifically in the times of pandemic. As the traditional teaching approaches are unable to fulfil modern educational requirements, schools are in need of hybrid learning. The hybrid learning in schools benefits imparting education to the students may turn it into the future of education.

Flexible learning

The transition from basic to hybrid learning has proved to be flexible for the students as well as teachers. There is flexibility in the mode of teaching and how students access their study material. Hybrid learning is a boon for the students unable to attend class in-person.

Freedom to explore academics

Online learning provides a lot of freedom. Students can thrive under these freedoms and access the study material any number of times and can learn from anywhere. One can use the online medium to study apart from the basic curriculum of the school.

Efficient use of technology

The technology has made online Education possible. Students can now study from anywhere and learn as per their choice. Students need to plan what resource they will require and plan accordingly for the lesson optimizing the utilization of resources.

Synchronous opportunity for communication

The face-to-face aspect of hybrid learning allows real-time engagement between peers. One can use the time for synchronous group work, presentations etc.

About Lead School

LEAD School works with the aim of providing every student access to the excellent schools of India. It has made hybrid learning possible which allows students to get Education from anywhere anytime. By providing online academic experiences which are as accessible as classroom lessons, lead schools embrace the untapped outcomes of hybrid learning. The lead schools provide a comprehensive curriculum and an integrated learning system based teaching for the students. Customized time-table, live or recorded classes, homework, revision, online assessments and doubt solving are some of the features of lead schools.