Article: the most important features

The scientific article is the main type of publication, which describes the final or intermediate results of the conducted research, substantiates the ways of their obtaining, outlines the prospects of the next developments. The article captures the scientific priority of the author and makes the research materials the property of specialists.

The preparation of articles has a very important place in the scientific work of both young and mature scientists. Scientific articles have a number of functions:

• research - submit scientific results;

• presentation - represent the researcher in the scientific society;

• evaluative - assess the state of scientific research on a particular issue;

• communicative - serve as a means of communication for researchers.

A scientific article in a professional publication should contain the following elements:

Ø statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;

Ø analysis of recent research and publications on this issue, highlighting outstanding issues;

Ø defining the goals of the article (setting the task);

Ø an outline of the main research material with the justification of the scientific results obtained;

Ø conclusions and prospects for further development.

The preparation of the publication is the individual process. Some consider it necessary only to briefly describe the course of the study and to set out the final results in detail. In this case, the author takes into account a relatively narrow range of specialists. Other researchers cover the details step by step, detailing the methods of their work. Explaining the whole research process from the creative concept to its final stage, summarizing, formulating conclusions and recommendations, the scientist reveals the complexity of creative pursuits. This approach enables a better appreciation of a scientist's ability to do independent research, the depth of his knowledge and his erudition. But if you find it very difficult to ask essay writer plagiarism free for help. In such a way you will get qualified help and sample.

The high scientific level of the content of the article will not be properly perceived and evaluated without proper structuring and design. It is customary to reflect the results of scientific research in articles in a concise, logical and accessible manner, following the systematic and consistent presentation of the material. The text of the article is divided into paragraphs, the correct markup of which facilitates reading and assimilation of the content of the text. It is necessary to avoid repetitions (tautologies) and to avoid unfinished thoughts. Do not overload the article with figures, quotes, illustrations, as it distracts the reader and makes it difficult to understand the content. But such material cannot be completely abandoned because readers can check the results of the study with their help.

During designing a scientific paper, one should pay considerable attention to the language and style of presentation, to follow the rules for writing formulas and tables, and to place well-executed illustrations.

In general, the prepared article should be distinguished by logic, clarity, the accuracy of scientific terminology, criticality in the selection of facts, proof of the content of the text, completeness, validity of conclusions, the presence of references.