Student New Year in Skoltech

We welcome you to the Skoltech New Year celebration organized for students. Here you can see everything we prepared for you. Enjoy!


Main Menu

Vegetarian Menu


Non-alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks

Master Classes

Learn how to make these beautiful things at our Master Classes station

Russian Traditional fun activities

Lounge Zone

Enjoy short New Year themed episodes of your favorite shows.

Skoltech Student Bands

City of Lights

The band for those who are keen both on melodic sound and rocky riffs. Being not yet popular beyond MIPT, they still aim to make the name in the world of out-of-mainstream music. On the 20th of December, they will come with songs in a soft sound to share the Christmas vibe.

Red Black Tree

The band Red Black Tree delivered their first solo concert this summer, pleasing almost hundred of guests with the hits of the millennial generation. Now they are ready to rock on the Skoltech New Year event, presenting a part of their repertoire!


Rejects is a college band playing upbeat songs about partying alone in your house because nobody came. Feel the vibe of personal party dancing among your Skoltech friends!


Ruslan and Timur will bring on their deadly beats. Goosebumps alert!


take your New Year memories with you