Board games: Sk.Mafia

Hello! We are continuing the series of posts on what awaits you at Hitchhiker's guide to Skoltech. Last time we introduced you to our Sport mini-games.

And this one is about Skoltech Themed Mafia.

Sk.Mafia. Hunchers against HeadHunters

He was standing under the light of Campus. What a lovely place. All the people around, they were his fellow startupers, students, professors. He knew them very well. But some of them wanted him to quit Skoltech... Hunters... He better get rid of procrastination before it's too late. And who is this mysterious Hunchman, anyway?

Mafia a.k.a. Head Hunters

Head Hunter of some big company. Persuades students to drop out of Skoltech and work full time.

Special characters on HeadHunter's Side


Wakes up with HeadHunters every Night. One time per game can make Skotechian become a HeadHunter.

Huawei Evangelist

Wakes up with HeadHunters every Night. Appears as a Student if checked by Hunchman at Night.

Civilians a.k.a. Skoltech Students

Typical students of Skoltech. They are here to learn, do research, suffer from procrastination.

Special characters on Student's Side


Does this man look familiar to you? Every Night prof. Coolish can choose one player and check whether he/she has a Hunch. Only Skoltechians have it, Coolish won't be fooled by Head Hunters!


Zeljko is invincible to the Hunters. His Hunch is so strong that if Head Hunters attack him at Night, one of them dies!


Our chat admin can mute one person each Night. This person will not be able to vote the next Day.

Investor and a Startuper

A Startuper with an idea and his investor who believes in it. If the investor is alive then Startuper can't be killed at Night. If Startuper is killed during the Day, following Night Investor kills one person.

Sonya Shkolnik

Student Department representative, she can make your voice louder. 3 times per game she can choose a person who will have 2 votes.

Independent role

Procrastination hunts everyone. Wins if the last one standing.

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In the next series, we will introduce you to the Sk.Monopoly. Stay tuned!