The population will be provided with quality and timely medical care

The Presidential Decree on Measures for the Establishment of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted. According to the decree, the main tasks and directions of activity of the Ministry of Health and its territorial bodies are:

  • implementation of a unified state policy on the health of citizens, aimed at ensuring quality and timely medical care for the population, including the role and responsibility of the heads of the ministries and agencies in guaranteed volume;
  • forecasting of demographic and health development prospects, complex analysis of health and morbidity of the population;
  • public health priorities, prevention and prevention of diseases, patronage and house-to-house visits, encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle, increasing their medical literacy, in the spirit of responsibility for their health and the health of their surroundings;
  • creation of favorable conditions for increasing the quality and life expectancy of the healthy generation, development of the main directions of state policy in the field of public health and sanitary-epidemiological well-being;
  • as well as the introduction of the primary medical, sanitary, emergency and specialized medical care to the population through the introduction of health care services to the population and the broad introduction of information technology (telemedicine), medical standards, protocols and recommendations, and the transfer of the experience of leading international and local specialists to health care workers in regional health care facilities. increasing the quality, availability and efficiency of assistance;
  • realization of state policy in the field of medical personnel training and improvement of normative-legal base by providing methodological guidance on training and retraining of medical education institutions, postgraduate education and healthcare professionals;
  • in the structure of the ministry, the Center for the development of information and communication technologies in the form of the Main Department for the Development of Public-Private Partnership and Medical Tourism and its territorial subdivisions and state unitary enterprise has been set up, as well as their main tasks.

According to the decree, a national healthcare system will be introduced using the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the means from the world practice.