How do you react when your friend finds out that your car is damaged?

Here's how deal with this situation.

It's very common to borrow a car from family or friends. Family members can use only one car, or they can register and insure with only one member of their family. I have a mobil toyoto. I often lend it to my family and sometimes to my friends.

There's nothing wrong with borrowing your car from someone else, but if that person has an accident, it's also important to know the result. If this happens, the owner may be liable for the loss.Sometimes a friend wants to borrow your car, but you lend it to him. Have you ever considered who will have an accident?

Who will make up for all your losses?

The most basic and important is Car insurance tracks cars, not drivers. So your car insurance will cover all losses. When you make a claim, the accident will increase your compensation rate. Before you decide to borrow your car from your friends, think about how it will affect your finances.

1.Report the accident to the police

Ideally, the other party borrowing the car or participating in the accident should inform the authority, and if not, call the police as soon as possible. It's better to make sure if your friend or relative has borrowed your car. The police should keep a record.

2.Call the insurance company

You must immediately contact your insurance company to check your insurance policy. If there is a car accident instead of the driver, you must know what personnel and contents are included in the contract.

In addition, if the driver does not agree to rent the car, you may not be liable for compensation, in which case your stolen victim or your colleague takes your car without your permission.

If that person borrows a car from you and crashes your car, your insurance will pay for it. Please remember that you are not a person, but pay the deductible. You will have no claim for compensation.

Before you feel comforted, please remember that there is a limit in your insurance that you can claim. If your friend crashes your car, it will cause serious physical injury to anyone outside your car. Your insurance company will only pay your insurance limit, after that, you will be responsible for all claims made by the victim.

3. Chat with your friends

If there is an accident, the difference in money may affect the friendship, so think carefully. Your friends will be responsible for their behavior, which helps to solve financial problems such as repair and responsibility.

Many auto insurance companies are not covered by the policy. For example, your car driver does not have a valid driver's license, and without him, they would not have car insurance.

This will make you both responsible for the loss caused by the accident. You can say that it is not your car, but the owner still has the obligation to allow someone to use their car. This is the loss caused by your behavior to them. It means being responsible.