Why Toyota Hilux 2.8 Rogue is called the King of Pickups

The king of pickups is back. Although the appearance of the new 2020 Toyota Hilux is certainly much better than before, does it looks any different?

After months of teasing, UMW Toyota employees finally officially launched the new 2020 Toyota Hilux, bringing joy to all taukays who have been waiting to replace the old talux with the new Hilux.

Externally, the new Toyota Hilux features a completely redesigned front dashboard, new bumpers, new front grille, Bi LED headlights, led fog lights and a new design of front fog bezel. Turn to the side, with new 18 inch wheels, stylish paint design and side welcome lights. At the back, there are led combination taillights.

On the design side, with all the new features, Hilux (and especially rogue here) looks much better than the upcoming release. Compared with the very "Uncle" look of Hilux in the past, this one here looks young and sporty.

Internally, the new Hilux rogue has many features. The seats are leather wrapped, and the dashboard is new and blue, all looking "premium.". Infotainment system has Android auto, mirror link, Bluetooth, USB, MP3 and all the necessary necessities. Even all four windows are automatic. The truck is also equipped as standard with front and rear DVRs, panoramic monitors, matte hairline hydraulic color on the dashboard, blue lighting on the door panels and an overall black theme.

Powering the Hilux rogue is an updated version of the 1gd-ftv 2.8L common rail intercooled variable nozzle turbo diesel engine, which is more powerful and produces a maximum torque of 204 PS and 500 nm.

Prior to the update, the upcoming Hilux Black Edition is equipped with an engine that produces only 177 PS and 450 nm of maximum torque.

Another new feature is the variable flow control (VFC) steering system, which adjusts the power steering assist system to the vehicle speed. However, this feature is only available in two seater models. Other mechanical features include an automatic limited slip differential to ensure optimum traction at all times. However, the system only operates at a maximum speed of 50 km / h at high speed and 2WD.

Then, we add a hardened and optimized engine room mount, which increases the horizontal stiffness and, more importantly, improves vibration absorption.

Last but not least, we have added the Toyota safety driver assistance package, which includes pre crash system, dynamic radar cruise control and lane departure warning with yaw assist.

After entering the new mobil Toyota Hilux rogue 2.8 and turning on the engine, the first thing we noticed was the quietness and refinement of the cabin. Unlike previous generations of cars where the sound of the diesel engine can be clearly heard, the new car is obviously quieter.

Even if we leave, the engine noise will not disturb us, which is a big advantage. Another big improvement is that the seats are very comfortable. When we expect hard driving, the seats must surprise us. Believe it or not, the rear seat passengers of Hilux actually slept for 30 minutes and woke up feeling fresh, which is the comfort level of the new Hilux rogue.

There is more than enough power at any given time and delivery is seamless. Whether it's uphill, overtaking, cruising or accelerating on highways and major roads, Hilux rogue 2.8 is always a smooth operator.

But the variable flow control (VFC) steering system took some time to adapt, because it was a bit clumsy, because we jumped directly from the car into the 4x4, but once we speed up, it feels good.

In addition to all the above features, the quiet cabin, the infotainment system, the shock absorbers that absorb bumps and lumps, and all the other conveniences that make the journey enjoyable.

Unfortunately, there was no off-road activity at all when we used the new 2020 Toyota Hilux, but because Hilux's reliable and reliable all-time four-wheel drive system and all the off-road features have been inherited from the past, buyers really don't have to worry about its power.