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⠀Minima is an ultra-lightweight, fully decentralized blockchain that can run on a smartphone or IoT device without any difficulties.


Information about the project

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Description of the project

⠀Minima is:

  • A cooperative distributed PoW network without miners, immune to the attributes of a centralized, miner-centric paid system.
  • Fully decentralized cryptosystem of collaborating users, without any centralized points of failure, capable of supporting the largest network of full nodes that have ever been assembled;
  • Compact blockchain capable of running on a smartphone.
  • Stable, open, global and censorship resistant P2P network with an embedded base-level blockchain for secure payments, token processing and contracts.
  • Scalable, programmable, without any storage required, quantum-safe, evidence-based, Tx-PoW cascading chain.

Phases of the Testnet

⠀At this stage, the following phases are known:

  • July 28 - Stimulating Testnet Launch;
  • 2nd quarter 2022 - launch of the main network.


⠀1 Minima token for Node Running will be credited daily in the IncentiveCash application. Additional tokens can be obtained for finding different bugs.

Device Requirements

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1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB HDD / SSD

2 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 10 GB HDD / SSD

⠀Suitable devices:

What is being installed?

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⠀Minima App - is a node on which applications are installed.

⠀You can put various applications (minidapps) on the node itself. The main ones are:

  • Storefront - is a decentralized app store similar to the Play Market or App Store;
  • Wallet;
  • IncentiveCash - is a testnet rewards app.


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⠀To participate in the incentive testnet, you must be on the waiting list and receive an invitation to participate.

⠀In order to get on the waiting list, you need to:

  1. Go to the registration page;
  2. Select the country code of the number (you can enter the first letters, it works as a search);
  3. Enter your phone number;
  4. Follow the link from SMS to confirm registration;
  5. Wait for an invitation to join the testnet.

⠀After a while, an SMS with an invitation will come, you need to follow the link and register an account.

⠀After that, in a letter,you need to confirm the registration by clicking on the button "Complete registration".

⠀Set password



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⠀Download APK file.

⠀Install the application by running the APK file.

⠀Allow work in the background in one of the following ways:

  • On the second page of the application, press the "PERMISSION" button and enable the work in the background;
  • You can manually configure the application to run in the background, you can find how to do this in the official documentation (main brands of devices) and in the search engine.

Linux (automatically)

⠀Run the script and wait for the installation to finish.

. <(wget -qO-

Linux (manual)

⠀Update packages and system

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

⠀Install required packages

sudo apt install wget openjdk-11-jre-headless -y

⠀Create folder for the node

mkdir $HOME/minima

⠀Download executable file

wget -qO $HOME/minima/minima.jar

⠀Create service file

sudo tee <<EOF >/dev/null /etc/systemd/system/minima.service
Description=Minima Node

ExecStart=`which java` -Xmx1G -jar $HOME/minima/minima.jar -daemon


⠀Run service file

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable minima
sudo systemctl start minima

⠀Add a command to view the log of the node in the system as a variable

. <(wget -qO- "minima_log" "sudo journalctl -f -n 100 -u minima" true

⠀Wait for the node to start


Installing Applications

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⠀Go to the node page:

  • For the server, the page address will be global (you can log in from any device) and will look like http://your_ip:9004/. You can find it out by running the command on the server:
echo "http://`wget -qO-`:9004/"
  • On Android, you need to click on the "Launch" button in the application or follow this link, the page address is local (you can log in from the device on which the node is located).

⠀Recommended minimum of installed applications

⠀Download missing applications in the list:

⠀To install the downloaded application, you need:

  • Click "Install"
  • Select an application and click "Open".
  • Wait for the installation to complete


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⠀Go to the IncentiveCash application and log in using the previously registered account.

⠀If the node runs without a hitch , then 1 token will be credited daily.

Backup copy

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1. Open Minima App with a list of installed applications.

2. Open the Wallet app.

3. Open Terminal.

4. Enter command

backup /root/minima/backup.minima

5. Save the created file on your PC.


  1. Open Minima app.
  2. Click on the top right for 3 points.
  3. Click "Backup".
  4. Select some kind of explorer to save the backup archive.
  5. Save to any folder

Wallet recovery

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  1. Place the backup file under the root/minima /
  2. Open Minima App with a list of installed applications
  3. Open Wallet app
  4. Open Terminal
  5. Enter command
restore /root/minima/backup.minima


  1. Place the backup file in any folder.
  2. Launch Minima application.
  3. Click on the top right for 3 points.
  4. Click "Restore".
  5. Select a backup file.


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⠀Run the script and wait for the update to finish

. <(wget -qO-


⠀In the Minima application, click on the "Launch" button or follow this link.

⠀Open Terminal and enter the quit command

⠀Download version 0.98.44

⠀Install the new version of the application over the old one by running the APK file

⠀Open application

Useful commands

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⠀View the last 100 entries of the node's log

sudo journalctl -f -n 100 -u minima

⠀Restarting the node

sudo systemctl restart minima

Useful links

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Official website of the project | Official group in Telegram

Discord | Twitter | Medium | Whitepaper

GitHub | YouTube | Official guide (Android)


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Poohtay - translation

Team Let’s Node! - studying the project, writing an article, maintaining the Russian-speaking community

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