Facts of rcc spun pipe in kolkata

When it comes to construction work, one can never be too sure. And a city's underground drainage system falls under the most crucial construction project. Thus, comes the need to ensure durability and its performance for a prolonged duration. And rcc spun pipe in kolkata does just that.

Usage Of RCC Spun Pipes

Concrete pipe has been in service due to its many advantages and usage variation. Most of a city's underground pipeline has been in service for 90 years or so as concrete pipes have a life span of 100 years. And with the help of modern technology, these pipes are becoming more reliable according to our needs. As it should be. Because to maintain a city’s wellbeing, having a proper drainage system is a must as all places face storms and floods at some given point.

Because these pipes are installed underground, these are made to be protected from a range of environments there. Along with it, comes the responsibility of draining floodwater or wastewater caused by a storm. A well-built drainage pipeline is more than capable to pass through floodwater quickly without letting it gathered on the road.

The load of such task can be overwhelming, as sometimes solid components also pass through with water. That is why ensuring that the Cement Concrete Pipe manufacturer in kolkata has used genuine material is essential.

Test To Ensure Standards

To ensure its quality, there are a number of tests held.

·         Load testing

·         Water absorption

·         Pressure test

·         Flexibility test of assembled joints

·         Hydrostatic testing

·         Concrete cover of dimensions

·         Concrete cover to reinforcement

Along with these tests, technology is also used for strict quality control. Specialized computer programs are used for these tests…

·         Computer organized mixing procedure

·         Computer organized proportion and weighing system

Installation process

Only getting the right material will not be enough to build a stable drainage line. A prompt installation process is more than needed to provide a standard construction. These pipes are heavy and not easy to place, thus, comes the need for hiring experienced workers to complete the task. The installation process ensures the durability, stability, and functioning of these pipes.

Ensuring Durability

Durability is mainly why these pipes are still in service and still the first choice for such a crucial task. Because there are a number of concrete properties that can influence its durability. These properties are water absorption, cement type, compressive strength, aggregates, density, water/cement ratio, and alkalinity.

Water absorption is the primary quality that is tested to check the impermeability and density of the concrete. Because most of the concrete pipes are used for reinforced projects, water absorption ability becomes a major feature. If the pipes absorb more than 6% of water, then those are not safe enough to use for flooded areas.

Reasons To Use RCC Spun Pipes

Flexible- Even though these pipes are solid and heavy, RCC pipes are very flexible to customize accordingly. Several drainage cut-outs and components are there to customize these pipes.

Resistant- When installing RCC spun pipes, there is no need of calling maintenance care to monitor its state. As these pipes are resistant to damages. Even when the pipes get cracks, with the autogenous healing process those cracks mend with time. Due to this, concrete pipes can last for up to 100 years.

Stability- Due to its heavier weight, these pipes stays in their place but only when these are properly installed. Even for places where heavy flooding is a frequent occurrence, concrete pipes stay put in their place. But to avail such stability, underlaying proper bedding