VIDEA 2020

Women in peace and security are currently codifying a commitment of some kind. I hope this contributes to a safer and more prosperous future of transparency and accountability for omnigenderity. I'm always keen to observe and preserve, patterns of memory, strategy, communication, navigation, and teamwork, and to prioritize all that, far above gender. I went on two VIDEA retreats and learned about facilitating peace and security.

I really think VIDEA deserves the Africa Prize or something. VIDEA facilitates improved follow-up after participation and shares clear data for peace, enabling participants to learn and share a written code. It doesn't always have to be digital, but we have gone digital. By going digital, we will gradually earn our instruments at hand. We have gained all the advantages of live telepresence, and we work towards accessibility for research and development, including local education that integrates more international participation and engagement.

I could apply or start a "Picture and Penpal" project in Africa, for education and development, with the goal of person-to-person-to-society engagement, enabling the friendshipcube innovation pathway that gradually educates these developing countries with new literacy standards. Zambia and Zimbabwe could reverse the systemically racist situation and start teaching "The West" How to Think in Visual Binary. I bet Cecil Rhodes would actually be proud of me for doing this. He shared his first "Confession of Faith" with Apollo Lodge #357 at Oxford University. In it, he writes, "I would annexe the planets if I could. I often think of that. It makes me sad to see them so clear and yet so far." Rhodes gave everything he had to create a Round Table society, modelled on the Jesuits, that would fund education projects from Cape Town to Cairo. As Prime Minister of South Africa, Rhodes stretched a telegraph to modern Zambia and offered his hand up in colonizing "Rhodesia" for Queen Victoria.

My mother is Gillian Rhodes. My Grandfather is Thomas Thornycroft Rhodes. My Aunt has all the information on Rhodes' Last Will, that is currently protected by the Rothschild Family, a dynasty of Knights of Saint John and Malta, The Guardians of Sovereign Wealth for the British Empire. I was actually called to serve in this regard. I am working on this inspiring digital enterprise and building a digital treasury. Through a "picture and penpal" project, the mainstreaming approach of friendshipcube code becomes the new norm, and black teachers will gain new insights and new roles.

At Lester B. Pearson College, I achieved a new milestone. Embedded in the Mountain at the Godin Newton Observatory is a landmark, a Cosmic Ashlar marker Blackstone embedded to mark the eventual passage of the Visual Binary Star System Sirius, behind our Sun. At Pearson, I've encouraged eager youth to take action with FriendshipCubes via enlisting in Youth With A Mission (WYAM). I achieved the Discipleship Training Certificate from The University of The Nations, based in Hawaii. The YWAM base will share select news from international missionaries as long as I continue to provide my dues. There could be some overlap between VIDEA and WYAM, training young ambassadors, where courage is an obligation. The young missionaries are asking for funds from Christian family and friends. I have a goal to build on our existing commitments and raise new blockchain finances for YWAM. I told my WYAM students, "What you do with your hands... matters for eternity." The overwhelming response was the production of more FriendshipCubes at the Kona Base in Hawaii. I worked towards an alliance enterprise innovation pathway that YWAM decentralizes and may eventually re-centralize. I call it "Delta Blockchain".

I am actually working on writing with a Survivor Centred Approach, implementing new funding mechanisms for civil society, recognizing the importance of the Spiritual commitment I made to My Family at The Garter Chapel in England. It is marked by a sweeping action of friendship and friendshipcube code. If you learn from history, you will see a pattern of blockades followed by checkpoints followed by roads. I keep saying I want to build roads. My supporter will likely "risk" money on some kind of blockade followed by a checkpoint followed by a road... because that is the way the financial system works. It is the same reason why tenured professors at Oxford are obsessed with the privacy and secrecy of their research and their class. The whole class system of nobles and commoners, I think it is hinged on one Spiritual code, an ancient system of law that traces back to the Magna Carta. I think any born commoner can gain merit and be considered noble. The Rhodes Scholars I have met and shook hands with have all proved that there is one class, the human class... and that today we live in a free and equal, meritocratic society.

I've written about the Sirius code obsessively. I took one course on law. YWAM Kona Base, The University of The Nations, instructed me on the details of "Lex Rex", indicating "The Law is King". In Hawaii, I was inspired by Lindy Conant's and The Circuit Riders' song, "Every Nation, Every Soul". I was at that live performance in Kona. What I really want is to build a cube enabling full and meaningful participation in peaceful democratic and meritocratic decision making. Lindy Conant also has a concert on YouTube called "The Send", which is really popular for preparing young missionaries.

I've been to the VIDEA office in Victoria, BC. There are powerful women negotiators, servicewomen, and mediators there. I am thinking about concrete actions to accelerate peacekeeping operations or missions, protecting women and girls, integrating humanitarian assistance strategy, and building post-conflict peace and security with my project, FriendshipCube. My upcoming goal is to evolve and fulfill all verbal and written contracts with VIDEA.

Elder Shirley Alphonse encompasses wisdom from the Great Spirit of all of life. The Great Work, with an opportunity for collaboration, could last for Seven Generations or likely, more. We were blessed to have Elder Shirley Alphonse as our Spirit Guide, Mentor, and Facilitator. Elder Shirley shines a "corrections light" in a progressive direction.

Lynn Thornton has an eye for worthy enterprise, and with the ideal of service, we could foster the development of friendship and friendshipcube code. I think we mutually recognize our friendship as an opportunity to serve civil society. I told Lynn about my goals for written code, resurrecting indigenous/earth traditions, the inheritance of light, cosmic law that binds us all, illuminations flame, resurrections flame, and the concept of oneness. Lynn Thornton helped me to focus on friendship, resilience, kindness, safety, opportunity, and courage. I am sure others would learn to implement some of those entreaties just like I have, regardless of race, gender, stereotype, or nationality.

Rachael Barr is like a portal for the first-hand experience in arts, sciences, engineering, law, and commerce. She is aware of women's rights. I see the spark of creative adventure and opportunity to participate, and learn, via earned media. I think Rachael has some respect for women activists supported by friendshipcube towards the peaceful action of women mediators and women peacekeepers in humanitarian service. Rachael's community commitment will probably focus on women's rights, women leadership promoting peace and human rights, the international community, civil society, equal and meaningful contributions, fairness, security, and conflict prevention. She actually offered to help me apply for funding, and I asked for her help and a better-written contract.