4 Alerts of an Account Full of Fake Followers

A sky full of stars is beautiful. But influencers’ accounts full of fake followers are a foul. There are numerous services that supply bot followers on any social media, including Instagram and YouTub, to create an instant influencer..

If they are smart enough to manipulate you, you should be smarter than them. Here's what you should know about identifying fake followers, so you don't fall for false partnership.

1. Unusual Engagement Rate

Engagement is the key to track of authentic followers. You could see it manually by exploring likes, comments, and shared clicks on each post or using an audit tool such as analisa.io to make it easier.

Real influencers with 100k followers most likely got 1000 likes and dozens comments in a short time. High engagement means your campaigns are effective, your contents are engaging, and your audience likes it. But, influencers can manipulate it. So, you need to analyze if the influencers are actively producing content or not. Real followers will grow in a steady number.

2. Abnormal Following to Followers Ratio

Everything that goes viral will attract a lot of followers. But getting viral does not happen to everyone or every content. Some days, fake influencers can follow a lot of people in order to gain more followers. And on the other day, they will unfollow it. It's because they tricked Instagram automation using bot services. You can get real-time data of genuine followers by using analisa.io.

3. Bad Audience Quality

We cannot expect that influencers have 100% real followers because every social media is prone to bot followers. Analyzing it using the Instagram Audit Tool from analisa.io will help you a lot.

You cannot expect a good and nice comment will be in the comment section if the influencer gets a bad reputation. So, before you deal to be partnered, make sure they have a good reputation and same mission as your brands.

4. Flooding Irrelevant Comments

If the content is inviting people to answer certain questions but the comment sections are filled with other statements, you should be very suspicious. A good content should attract a real audience to engage.

To maintain audience’ engagement, influencers need to upload content as often as possible. If you found an account with huge followers but don’t post for weeks, most likely the followers are fake. Real followers will leave or unfollow if they feel ‘abandoned’ by the influencers.


Social media has a big impact on digital marketing nowadays. Influencers' role has become the newest key opinion leader that holds the key to successful marketing. Evaluating an account’s engagement rate often helps you to broaden your brand popularity to the potential audiences.

For brand campaigns to be successful, influencer followers not only need to see the campaign, they must also be inspired to engage with it. Ultimately, engagement will play an important role in determining the success of the campaign, as brands will be eager to connect with an audience that shows genuine interest in their product or service.

Nevertheless, other considerations are also important, ranging from the size, interests and demographics of an influencer's audience, as well as campaign objectives, will all play a part in determining whether or not a potential collaboration will be worthwhile to both parties. Therefore, the decision to collaborate will often be made considering a combination of factors.