Automotive Tappet Market Size 2020 Global Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast 2023

Market Synopsis:

The global Automotive Tappet Market Size is growing steadily on the back of increasing production and demand for automobiles. Consumers now opt for improved efficiency and output power of the vehicle, which boosted the demand for automotive tappets in the market. The automotive tappets market growth goes hand in hand with the expansion of the automotive industry.

The market growth will be further fueled by the mounting demand for racing cars along with the rising sale of high-performance cars like Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW. In 2015, the total number of BMW cars sold came to 1.9 million units all over the world. These racing cars and high-performance automobiles make extensive use of VVT technology. This technology helps enhance the performance of the vehicle by inducing variation in the valve timings, in addition to modifying the duration of the valves while the engine is working.

Furthermore, integration of VVT with lift electronic control (VTEC) results in a combination of various camshafts via electronic or mechanical linking systems. This helps elevate the efficiency of the engines as well as the performance by increasing the Revolutions per Minute (RPM). Therefore, the rising adoption of VTEC and VVT is bound to stimulate the growth of the automotive tappets market in the following years.

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Market Segmentation

The worldwide market for automotive tappet has been extensively studied with respect to segments like type, engine capacity, and vehicle type.

The market, with regard to the type, caters to flat and roller. The flat tappet segment’s dominance over the market can be expected in the near future, on account of the rising production of passenger cars in developing countries. In addition, the flat tappet finds widespread use in mid-sized vehicles as well as commercial vehicles, owing to its qualities including cost-effectiveness and high fuel efficiency.

Depending on the engine capacity, the market has been split into <4 cylinders, 4-6 cylinders, and >6 cylinders. Between these, the less than 4-cylinder segment can have maximum coverage in the market during the estimated period, because of the surge in the number of emission regulations combined with the mounting demand for engine downsizing. The rising number of strict government regulations aiming to curb carbon emissions may lead to market growth in the near future.

The vehicle types considered in the report are passenger car, light commercial vehicle (LCV and heavy commercial vehicle (HCV).

Regional Insight

The latest trends and growth opportunities in the worldwide Automotive Tappet Market Size have been thoroughly examined by MRFR experts, keeping in mind the primary segments of Europe, North America, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (RoW).

APAC is estimated to take the lead in the global Automotive Tappet Market Size during the review period, backed by the mounting demand for passenger and commercial vehicles in developing countries like India, Japan, and China. Fast developing countries like India and China are considered to be the manufacturing hubs for the automotive sector, which has given way to a surge in the production of passenger and commercial vehicles in the region, ultimately benefitting the Automotive Tappet Market Size.

North America can have the second-best growth in the global market during the conjectured timeframe. Over the years, the region has noted considerable investments by the OEM manufacturers for the development of commercial vehicles. This high amount being invested to develop commercial vehicles is set to work in favor of the Automotive Tappet Market Size in the region. Additionally, manufacturers in the region are now indulging in innovative technologies as well as methods to come up with Hydraulic Flat Tapper Camshaft (HFTC), which is known to cater to the fuel efficiency demand for high-performance vehicles, which induces market growth.

Leading Companies

Some of the companies that have taken the lead in the worldwide market for automotive tappet include RSR Industries (India), Federal-Mogul (US), and NSK (Japan), Crower Cams & Equipment Company, Inc. (U.S.), SKF (Sweden), Eaton (Ireland), Lunati (U.S.), Schaeffler (Germany), Rane Engine Valve Limited (India), Competition Cams Inc. (U.S.), SM Motorenteile GmbH (Germany), Jinan Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (China), SSV Valve (India), Yuhuan Huiyu Tappets Co. Ltd (China), Wuxi Xizhou Machinery Co., Ltd (China), to mention a few.

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