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MagniPay, a blockchain powered eCommerce platform ready to revive online shopping and customer retention

MagniPay launched its innovative blockchain based eCommerce platform that has the potential to transformthe modern-age online shopping experience. Powered by blockchain, cryptography and smart contracts, the MagniPay platform features an eCommerce infrastructure whereby a consumer can shop using a cryptocurrency of his choice,seamlessly and securely, without any restrictions.

A New Year on the horizon, the Post Pandemic World and Revolutionized Global eCommerce | Meet John Wesley, the Group Chairman of MagniGroup

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has drastically effected the entire world, not just physically and emotionally but has a huge impact on finances as well. While the new year is on the horizon, the world is hopeful that 2021 will bring new hopes of a revived world, with better implementation of health policies against Covid.

MagniPay Announced an Innovative eCommerce Platform with Incentivized Shopping Experience Powered by Blockchain

MagniPay, a leading blockchain based e-Commerce platform and a digital wallet provider, is now offering its customers the opportunity to shop online while also be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow. All customers need to do is look for the product they want to purchase and add it to their wallet, log in to their account, select ‘Crypto’ and in just a couple of clicks they have access to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

MAGNIPAY's Billion Dollar SubsidiaryProgramme!

The global economy will gradually recover as the pandemic gradually ends. In the past year, global e-commerce transaction volume has nearly doubled year-on-year. It is undeniable that the consumer market is silently shifting from offline to online, which indicates the formation of a new consumption habit. However, the real online market leader has yet to appear - relying on its technical advantages and strong financial background, MagniPay has successively introduced a full consumption rebate policy, MP value-added system, and ‘Billion-Dollar Subsidy Program'; it shows that MagniPay is fully prepared for future market competition and is determined to deploy in the global market.

MagniPay Platform set to revolutionize and innovate modern-age e-commerce by leveraging blockchain and DeFi

MagniPay, a project of NewEyeHolding Group, has launched its blockchain based platform which will revolutionize the modern-age e-commerce sector by leveraging blockchain and DeFi.