Factors and points counted by Canada immigration consultants in Dubai

Ever wondered what it takes to immigrate to Canada? Is there any factor of set of rules to obtain permanent residency in this country? In that case, these questions are obvious to reflect over as they seem to be applicable in this case. First of all, it is essential to determine the purpose of moving to Canada permanently. Secondly, checking eligibility and other criteria becomes important. Let’s discuss how age factor and other immigration factors are worth a consideration herein.

To start with, skilled workers have to focus on express entry guidelines ruled out by Canada. It is this permanent residency in the country which was laid out in 2015 by the Canadian Government. In fact, on the basis of comprehensive ranking system is followed to invite candidates applying for permanent residence in Canada. It’s time to take a look at factors elaborately to understand eligibility criteria of moving to this nation and active role of Canada immigration consultants in Dubai:

  • Basic qualification eligibility (highest education):A total of 25 points are awarded to candidate for education factor of evaluation. Individuals who have obtained doctoral degrees stand higher chances of gaining more points. If the foreign credentials application is included in the picture, then, their equivalence to points allocation gets utilized by the Canada immigration consultants in Dubai for shortlisting the applicant for the process of migration.
  • Type of Visa required by the applicant: Be it permanent residence in general or skilled worker career prospects are lined up, the immigration officers analyse each point in a detailed manner. Based on their observation, they allocate points to be added to total score of granting immigration permit.
  • Employment experience: Prior experience always gets an upper hand when it comes to apply for visa and immigration. In the case of migrating to Canada, maximum 15 points are allocated, out of which, 15 points can be earned by the person who has more than 6 years’ experience. On the contrary, 1 year experience will fetch the person 6 points in this criterion.

How Canada immigration consultants in Dubai apply these factors for selection?

Most of the people are confident about their selection when they apply for immigration. Nevertheless, the fact remains unchanged that Canada immigration consultants in Dubai have to assess a person’s skills before he qualifies for permanent residency.The total of 100 points are evaluated through above factors to qualify person for immigration. Furthermore, the Canadian Government has ruled out that highly skilled workers should only be preferred for immigration. On a whole, it won’t be wrong to say that an individual should clear all the stages to get required score for qualifying immigration score.