5 Main Rules of an Essay Writing

Throughout your school years, you will be required to write essays. As you progress in school, essays will become unpredictable and more important. That is why it is essential to learn the following rules that will help you compose a viable essay that clearly communicates your points.

1)              Read And Analyze The Question

Before you start writing your essay, carefully read and understand the prompt. Failure to follow essay instructions is one of the things that make many students score poor grades. Analyze the question, taking note of keywords, and ensure that you understand exactly what is being asked of you.

Student papers respond to a particular question. Failure to address the question leads to poor grades and time wastage.

2)              Keep Your Sentences Short And Simple

To ensure that your readers follow and understand your essay, you need to act fast. Avoid wasting time rambling about random things, so make your sentences straightforward and short. Each sentence should not have more than 35 words. Focus more on the nouns and verbs.

You do not need to use fancy adverbs and adjectives when simpler alternatives are available. Short and simple sentences will make it easy to deliver your message and hold a reader's attention.

3)              Have A Thesis

A thesis informs your audience what your paper is all about. It also guides your essay since you have to keep referring to it. This sentence explains how you intend to answer the question.

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4)              Organize Your Ideas

For you to compose a great essay, sort your ideas by writing them down on paper. That way, it becomes easy for you to see the connection between your thoughts. An outline will form the foundation of your writing. You can use a diagram or an outline list to accomplish this.

5)              Review Your Paper

Once you are through with writing the introduction, body, and conclusion, do not submit. It is essential to review what you have written first. Read as many times as you can to verify that it communicates well.

Ensure your sentences flow smoothly and add transition words to help connect thoughts. Check your paper for spelling mistakes and punctuation. Check whether you have followed the provided guidelines.


Composing an excellent essay will come in handy as you progress through school. Following the above rules and these tips will make it easy for you to compose an effective essay. Be sure to ask for help from writing experts who follow these rules carefully when writing essays.