Optical Anti-sniper Detection System Market Scope, Trends, Future Demand 2027

Global Optical Anti-sniper Detection System Market: Introduction

  • An anti-sniper detection system is a modular, flexible, and integrated investigation arrangement. It combines laser range gating, thermal, and optical technologies for target detection at maximum capabilities.
  • In an optical anti-sniper detection system, a laser-range-gated camera uses a pulsed laser illuminator to emit invisible laser radiation. The pulse hits the designated target and it is amplified and reflected out of the optical system of the enemy.
  • The development of optical systems designed for anti-sniper detection concentrates several aspects such as the design of optics, new types of sensors, signal-processing methods, and newly developing technologies

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Need for Anti-sniper Detection in Homeland Security & Defense Sector to Drive Global Optical Anti-sniper Detection System Market

  • The fire flash / muzzle blast is produced when a sniper is shot, which is due to ejection of a bullet from a sniper’s rifle. This can be detected from anti-sniper detectors. Hence, anti-sniper detections systems are essential for defense forces as well as security guards. With the help of these systems, soldiers can detect anti-snipers sniping from distant places; quickly target enemy snipers; and directly return fire.
  • These systems use an automatic scan mode to detect optics by using a software algorithm. They scan preconfigured locations for a defined period of time. These systems can be integrated in vehicles or installed on buildings. They can be transported on tripods.
  • The ease of recognition of the exact location of enemies by soldiers is the most important factor driving the global anti-sniper detection system market.

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Advantages Associated with Optical Anti-sniper Detection Systems Boosting Market

  • Optical anti-sniper detection systems offer various advantages such as VIP security, 360° scanning, all weather 24-hour surveillance, video and photography detection, border protection, GPS position/target and video recording, security of important locations, and monitoring and automatic alerts
  • Manufacturers of optical anti-sniper detection systems are also offering electro-optical detection systems for use on helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and UAVs with features such as water resistivity, rapid scanning ability, full remote control, automatic alerts, and synchronized triggers
  • Manufacturers are also providing optical anti-sniper detection systems with high resolution videos, thereby allowing users to carry out surveillance, intelligence, and rescue in harsh environments

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North America and Europe to Lead Global Optical Anti-sniper Detection System Market

  • In terms of region, the global anti-sniper detection system market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
  • North America is likely to witness the maximum demand for anti-sniper detection systems from 2019 to 2027. Major manufacturers of optical anti-sniper detection systems have been investing heavily in the homeland security & defense sector.
  • Manufacturers in North America and Europe are also focusing on technological advancements in optical sniper detection systems and are continuously introducing new anti-sniper detection products in the marketplace. Manufacturers are focusing on technological advancements in both, fixed and portable optical anti-sniper detections systems.

Key Manufacturers Operating in Global Market

The global anti-sniper detection system market was highly fragmented in 2018. Key manufacturers operating in the global anti-sniper detection system market are:

  • Raytheon Company
  • Thales Group
  • Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Rafael
  • SST
  • Safran Electronics & Defense
  • Rheinmetall AG
  • ELTA Systems Ltd
  • Acoem Group
  • Databuoy Corporation
  • Qinetiq North America
  • Microflown Avisa B.V.
  • Shooter Detection Systems LLC
  • Textron System