Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator Market | Comprehensive Study COVID19 Impact Analysis | Worldwide Key Players

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator Market: Overview

Shrink sleeve label applicators are used extensively in food and beverages industry labelling. They have been used in applying labels for cans, PET, tubs, boxes, and glass. These equipment have emerged as ideal labelling solution for goods that are exposed to handling friction and moisture. Advances in packaging machinery has led to the advent of equipment that meet the needs of high-volume labelling. This has led to new labelling technologies which can impart marked freedom for orientation and web-driven. A number of rigid packaging formats are being optimized for labelling using new equipment being launched by players in the shrink sleeve label applicator market.

Some of the key end-use industries in the shrink sleeve label applicator market are food and beverages, pharmaceutical, agro-based packaging, home and personal care. Over the past few years, agricultural fertilizers and pesticides are expected to see the use of cutting-edge shrink sleeve label applicators.

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Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

The report on the shrink sleeve label applicator market provides scrutiny of multiple factors shaping the intensity of competition. It takes a closer look at impact of key technology developments and strategic moves made by various players to strengthen their position. It offers regulations that will stimulate new product developments.

In recent years, end-use industries have realized the importance of versatility of shrink sleeve label applicators, thereby boosting the shrink sleeve label applicator market. A California-based cannabis-infused beverage producer Spacestation considers shrink sleeve label applicator for variety of combinations of bottle dimensions/heights, container transparency levels, closure styles, and substrates for its in-house brands. Such labels help expand the avenue for new adoption trends in the shrink sleeve label applicator market.

Contract packaging businesses are geared toward incorporating state-of-the-art shrink sleeve label applicators. They are also leaning on adopting automation workflows. Some of the top players are also expanding their production capacities to new geographic regions. Some of the promising players in the shrink sleeve label applicator market are:

  • Pack Leader USA, LLC.
  • Maurti Machines Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shanghai Leadworld Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Keno Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Quadrel Labeling Systems
  • MPI Label Systems, Inc.
  • Axon, LLC.

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Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator Market: Key Trends

The global shrink sleeve label applicator market has evolved on the back of growing demand for cutting-edge packaging machinery for labelling. Increasing focus on the use of labelling and packaging for branding of myriad home and personal care has spurred the application of shrink sleeve label applicator. There has been demand for applicators that are cost-effective, low on maintenance, and also able to put to wide range of labelling in all end-use industries. Over the years, labelling has also played a key role in connecting with prospective consumers for agro-based businesses. Thus, agro-based chemical manufacturers have been looking to adopt shrink sleeve packaging owing to their several advantages over various types of packaging.

In coming years, semi-automatic label applicators have increased in popularity in end-use industries who are adopting automated workflows n manufacturing.

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