Epicor - A Fully Integrated Warehouse and Supply Chain Management Solution

Epicor’s Warehouse Management Solution can be categorized into two parts based on purpose:

Epicor Warehouse Management for Building Materials Supply Industry

Epicor Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) is cloud-enabled and makes use of bar-coding and wireless technologies that help enhance precision, handling, and performance of the entire warehouse management operations. The solution helps warehouse employees manage routine tasks by removing flaws and improving overall productivity. Epicor delivers real-time, precise information that helps enhance effectiveness in the warehouse as well as the entire organization. Epicor’s RF Navigator Warehouse Management Solution and other associated products offer high-quality insights into business operations and help improve overall warehouse processes.

Key Features

Dashboard: Epicor WMS’s dashboard offers a real-time, personalized snapshot of warehouse operations. Businesses can make use of the dashboard to collect, assess, and highlight information that is important for managing and enhancing warehouse operations.

Labor Management System: Epicor’s Labor Management System enables businesses to evaluate the performance of their warehouse staff compared to predefined standards.

Pulse: Pulse enables businesses to show critical information about the warehouse and yard, which helps keep all stakeholders updated.

Event Management System: Users can set up events that can routinely notify exact team members based on customized needs.

Epicor Warehouse Management for Distributors – Prophet 21

Epicor’s Prophet 21 is an end-to-end distribution platform that is flexible and adaptable and does not require any extensive system alterations and expenses. The software has been created to help businesses grow and enables users to link current applications and customize the Prophet 21 solution to meet all their business needs.

Key Features

DynaChange Extensibility Suite: The Prophet 21 distribution platform provides the DynaChange extensibility suite, which enables users to customize their systems according to their business process requirements in order to boost effectiveness. With DynaChange, users can insert their own business logic into the Prophet 21 UI without having to change the application code itself.

Microsoft SQL Server: Since Windows-based solutions are popular, Prophet 21 software is simple to understand when it is united with the power of Microsoft SQL. It offers flexibility, dependability, and live access to data. Prophet 21 has been augmented precisely for the Microsoft SQL Server, since the effectiveness achieved can significantly enhance business performance.

RESTful API: Users can connect business applications with Prophet 21 and also exchange data without the need for manual import and export. Businesses can make use of the API to modify and outspread Prophet 21 within, or as an integration point for all the business partners.

A Warehouse Management System helps organizations effectively handle and improve their warehouse management activities. It enables businesses to manage their warehouses from the time of entry of goods until they exit and reach their final destinations. The best Warehouse Management Systems possess the capability to deliver enhanced visibility into inventory whenever and whenever necessary. These solutions also help warehouse management professionals to manage and enhance supply chain performance and productivity. They are generally used in combination with a transportation management system (TMS) or an inventory management system. An effective warehouse management system is a crucial part of businesses operating in a number of industries. In cases where warehouses are not managed efficiently, managing product movement could be even more complex, which may result in an inefficient supply chain. This, in turn, may obstruct delivery schedules. By deploying an ideal warehouse management system, organizations get in a position where they can gain a whole and precise view of their entire warehouse management operations, which helps them get actionable insights that, in turn, help make informed decisions.


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