Ceramic Membrane Market Analysis includes Size, Demand, Applications, Key Insights 2020 to 2026

The global Ceramic Membrane marketsize is expected to reach USD 15,900.1 million by 2026 according to a new study by Polaris Market Research.

Ceramic membranes are being used in high value applications such as protein fractionation in dairies, cell harvesting, separation of flow streams among others. Ability to withstand extreme pH conditions as well as to operate under extreme temperature ranges are some of the factors benefitting the market growth. Properties of ceramic materials such as inertness, longer service life, reliability, heat resistance, backflush capability, regenerative capacity, resistance to acids, alkalis are being effectively used by companies and have developed superior ceramic membrane filtration systems that find applications in a wide range of industries ranging from chemicals to water treatment.

Companies operating in this market have developed products that have low flow resistance while in turn delivering high mechanical as well as chemical stability. They have also made metallurgical strides and now use a combination of manufacturing materials to produce quality and superior product. Advancements in manufacturing processes have enabled manufacturers of ceramic membranes to have better control over various ceramic membrane aspects such as layer texture, porosity, among others. Such trends have resulted in the serving of customized needs of high value applications such as premium food products, pharmaceuticals, etc. and this trend has benefitted the overall market growth.

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From an expensive, stringent, and difficult to use product, due to the continuous R&D efforts, these membranes have evolved into a sustainable and robust technology that can be effectively use to obtain clean water. Water & wastewater treatment industry is increasingly adopting these membranes due to inherent advantages such as 100% integrity into process, high operating temperature and pressure range, foul resistant, and ability to back rinsing. Water scarcity across the globe, rising population, initiatives taken by governments and world agencies to ensure clean water access to all are fueling water treatment market growth and this trend is in turn anticipated to contribute to ceramic membrane demand for water treatment applications.

The North American market is dominated by major players in the region influencing the overall supply chain. In addition, environmental standards related to minimizing of energy usage will drive the product growth offering low cost water treatment. Presence of key universities in the regions focusing on water treatment technologies are the key factor for regional competition. Product innovation and acquisitions are among the major strategies adopted by the players in the region.

Concentrated efforts are being taken to reduce the overall capital expenditure as well as operating expenditure of the ceramic membrane filtration systems. Such efforts have garnered attention of governments, as well as industry participants. Such concentrated efforts are expected to further reduce the overall ceramic membrane manufacturing, operational and maintenance costs. Companies such as TAMI Industries, A-tech innovation GmbH, Liqtech A/S, Saint Gobain, Qua Group LLC, Hyflux Limited, Nanostone Water Inc., GEA Group, Toray Industry Inc., Veolia Water Technologies, and Pall Corporation are some of the key players operating in the market.

Polaris Market research has segmented the Ceramic Membrane market report on the basis of application, material, technology and region

Ceramic Membrane Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2015 – 2026)

  • Water treatment
  • Food & Beverages
  • Chemicals & Materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Other Applications

Ceramic Membrane Material Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2015 – 2026)

  • Alumina
  • Titania
  • Zirconia
  • Silica
  • Others

Ceramic Membrane Technology Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2015 – 2026)

  • Ultrafiltration (UF)
  • Microfiltration (MF)
  • Nanofiltration (NF)

Ceramic Membrane Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2015 – 2026)

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • France
    • Germany
    • UK
  • Asia Pacific
    • Japan
    • China
    • India
  • Latin America
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
  • Middle East & Africa
    • UAE
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Qatar
    • Oman

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