March 16, 2020

What is the future of MMO Games? Explained

Massively Multiple Online Gaming (MMOG) has been also witnessing this market trend that uses game design strategies to optimize user engagements. This is popularly known as Gamification. The emergence of gamification has led to creation of virtual world for the gamers where they get virtual economy, trade, currency and real time situations to deal with. With the help of gamification the developers successfully keep the players engaged into the game and also encourages them to spend more real money in order to receive the benefits over the games. This strategy has also facilitated the MMO game developers and publishers to generate more revenue by retaining old players along with attracting other people to get involve into these games.

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Company Profiles Analysis

·         Activision Blizzard, Inc.

·         Electronic Arts (EA)

·         Giant Interactive Group Inc.

·         NCSOFT Corporation

·         Ankama, NEXON Co., Ltd.

·         Gamigo AG

·         Tencent Holdings Limited

·         Jagex Games Studio

·         Ubisoft Entertainment SA