Multi-channel customer experience management driving web content management (WCM) market

A major driving factor of the WCM market is the rising adoption of customer engagement strategies by business enterprises. The engagement of customers with the products of the companies is defined as customer engagement. The policies regarding customer engagement are evolving due to the different effective promotion and marketing strategies which are being adopted by the business enterprises.

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Various software-as-a-service companies are implementing new approach for providing better customer support and services. Since, WCM solutions and services can help companies enhance customer engagement, their demand is increasing rapidly. Several industries make use of WCM solutions and services, including government, banking, financial services, & insurance (BFSI), healthcare, retail & consumer goods, telecom & IT, travel & hospitality, education, and media & entertainment.

Some other industries which utilize WCM are automotive, aerospace & defense, and manufacturing. Out of these, the largest demand for WCM was created by the media & entertainment industry during 2013–2017. The reason for this was the increased need for managing web contents among media portal providers, publishers, and broadcasters in order to offer customers better experiences while they are using the websites.

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These days the organizations are making use of several channels, such as email, web, and social media, for engaging their prospective customers; this is called multi-channel customer experience management. Digitalization is a significant factor for the business environment as it helps provide seamless customer experience to the enterprises. The multi-channel content management services and tools help manage the marketing materials centrally and control their usage.

Content including images, texts, product specifications, meta-data, videos, and translations are managed centrally and can be distributed to selected channels after further approval. Web content management (WCM) aids in providing this multi-channel customer experience by offering marketing content in appropriate formats, at the right time, and through the right channels.