Data science technology is the newest and smartest technology which revolves around working on data. The data science technology collects the data from the client and use that data technically to give a satisfying output to the user. There are many ways in which data is collected by the user. In our everyday life, we exchange data on a regular basis. For example--> Whenever we login into a new application, it always asks us to login either with an email id or mobile phone number. This is also a way in which the producer or the company gets data from the user. The data science technology collects the data from the user and use it in an organized way. Data mining, data exploration, artificial intelligence, machine learning, programming, statistics, data integration, clustering and many more are the techniques or methods which completes the data science technology. These all are the different stages through which data is passed after collection. It is definitely not an easy task to analyze the data from each and every side. The deep understanding of data is also a skill. The persons who can deeply understand the data and can analyze it at a very high level are called data scientists. So basically, data science is the technology which analyzes data in different ways to give an output to the user.


Data science and computer science are two different things. However, data science uses the concepts of computer science in it but it is completely different from the computer science. Data science is a high-tech method which focuses on the analyzation of data. Computer science deals with the software and hardware rather than focusing on the collection and analyzation of the data. Artificial intelligence, machine learning can be called as sub branches of the computer science, but they are also an application part of the data science. The data science uses the concepts of statistics and mathematics at a very high level. A computer scientist can become a very good and skilled data scientist. The data science technology and computer science relate to each other very closely.

The computer science in engineering is an individual branch. The students of computer science or computer scientists design the functions (the way they work) of the software or hardware. On the other hand, the data science technology requires a very great knowledge of programming, mathematics, statistics and analytics.


Data science and computer science, both of these technologies are very successful in the technical industry. They are the best career options if you belong to the technical field. Students should learn data science technology. It would be very fascinating to learn about the things which are happening in our surroundings and if you are a technical student, then you should be up to date about new technologies. You can learn the data science technology in your college. There are many online tutorials available which teaches each and every topic of data science. For more information, click here--> Data science certification.