What Factors are Causing Massive Boom in Asia-Pacific Memory Packaging Market?

The APAC memory packaging market is currently witnessing the increasing popularity of the 3D through-silicon via (TSV) technology, due to its various advantages in a plethora of electronic devices, over the conventionally used dynamic random access memory (DRAM) technology. Moreover, the growing need for rebooting the computer devices, extremely complex manufacturing process associated with DRAM, and usage of volatile memory in DRAM are also contributing toward its decreasing usage in the APAC region.

This is also why, within the region, the adoption of memory packaging technology was found to be the highest in China in 2017. This is primarily attributed to the mushrooming need for memory packaging in various consumer electronic devices, such as tablets and smartphones. In addition to this, the existence of major memory packaging companies, such as Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., SK Hynix Inc., and Intel Corporation, is massively contributing to the rising adoption of this process in the country.

Apart from consumer electronics, memory packaging is widely used in numerous other industries, such as information technology (IT) and telecommunication, automotive, embedded systems, military and aerospace, and medical devices. Amongst these, the consumer electronics industry registered the highest adoption of the memory packaging technology in APAC in 2017.

This is mainly ascribed to the rising adoption of smart electronic devices, such as smartphones, cameras, and televisions, in the region, which is resulting in the ballooning demand for faster-access and power-efficient memory devices. This is also expected to increase the demand for the wire-bond and flip-chip memory packaging technologies in future.

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Therefore, it can be concluded that due to the increasing demand for the memory packaging technology, for use in various telecommunication and consumer electronic devices, and booming semiconductor industry in China, its use is expected to observe a tremendous rise in APAC.