March 17, 2020

How is Increasing Infrastructure Development Activities Contributing to APAC Compressor Market Growth?

The demand for energy-efficient air compressors is witnessing growth in the Asia-Pacific compressor market. Air compressors consume high amount of energy, which put a huge burden on the economy of a country. Other than being cost-intensive, these compressors also harm the environment, as they emit greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Therefore, keeping these factors in mind, the demand for energy-efficient compressors is rising, which may help in reducing energy consumption. APAC countries, such as India and China are focusing on the development of energy-efficient programs in order to conserve more energy.

For instance, an agreement of $220 million loan was signed between the World Bank and Indian government, in 2018, to scale up the energy efficiency program in India.

The gas pipeline network in the APAC region is expanding due to the rising consumption of natural gas and rapid industrialization. In 2018, GAIL India Ltd. announced its plans to expand its gas pipeline network by constructing 5,500 kilometers of new gas pipelines in the coming three years.

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Further, China, in 2018, announced its plans to construct a China-Central Asia gas pipeline project, which would transport natural gas from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan to China. During the transportation of gas through these pipelines, the pressure of the gas changes due to the changing elevation.

To counter that, compressors are placed within the pipelines to maintain the proper pressure and the flow of gas. The demand for compressors in the region is expected to grow with the expansion of gas pipeline network.