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Future of Vaccination in Aquaculture

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The vaccine is used to establish or improve immunity against a specific disease or group of diseases. In aquaculture practices, there is always a chance of pathogenic outbreaks, which will affect the production of the farm. Aquaculture vaccines are used to protect the fishes from any pathogen.

How Mushroom Cultivation Industry is Evolving?

Mushroom cultivation is a technical process. In the vegetable category, the mushroom is ranked with the heterotrophic organisms. In contrast to green plants, the mushroom is not capable of the photosynthesis process. In mushroom cultivation, waste products, which include horse manure, chicken manure, straw, gypsum, and wastewater, are used to cultivate high-quality mushrooms.

Frozen Fruit Is Expected To Witness Significant Growth

Freezing is a convenient and quick process for preserving fruits for a longer time. The temperature of frozen fruits is reduced and maintained below the freezing point for transportation and storage until they are ready to be eaten. Frozen fruits are stored at less than 20 °C for use whenever required. The frozen fruit products are thawed, sweetened, and finally heat-treated, and, depending on the acidity and type of fruit, the temperature of the heat treatment varies from as low as 60 °C to as high as 95 °C. 

The Rise of Ready to Drink Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are a mainly fermented form of sugars in berries, grains, fruits, and other ingredients that mainly contain ethyl/ethanol alcohol. Wine, spirits, and beer are all produced with the fermentation process, which is the natural outcome of yeast breakdown of sugars. The demand for various RTD alcoholic beverages is growing at a faster pace in both developed and emerging countries, including India, Indonesia, China, and Singapore, the US, etc.

Smart Mining: Make Your Mine Digital

Smart mines with already incorporated technologies can automate their operations quickly than those who are lagging in technological adoption. By the implementation of advanced technologies, mining operators can expand their current wireless network of embedded sensors. For instance, the installation of automation software enables the operator to monitor static and moving assets remotely and program automated interaction between both.

Top 10 Companies of Fertilizer Additives with Growth Prospects

A new method developed for manufacturing fertilizer additives extracts micronutrients from used alkaline batteries. The method enables the growth of stronger and healthier plants. The manganese and zinc materials in alkaline batteries are refined and chemically reduced to be used as fertilizer additives. Zinc, manganese, and potassium are the natural earth elements that are essential for life. These elements are found naturally in the soil and are used in commercial fertilizers as they play a key role in promoting healthy plant growth.