Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Market Trends and Growth, Segments, Analysis and Forecasts To 2026

The Global “Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Market” Industry research report covers the industry overview with Marketplace Size, Share, Development, futuristic cost, earnings, demand, and distribution data. Its vast repository offers an analytical summary of the marketplace that can help to the new and existing player to take a significant decision.


Consistent with the report published by the authorities the scope of the global Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Market was appreciated by US$ 75.2 billion in 2018 and is estimated to touch US$ 120.8 billion by the completion of 2026. It is projected to record a CAGR of 6.1% during the period of forecast.

Ambulatory surgery center (ASC) carry out surgical treatment in casualty locations to support patients. It holds back length of the treatment and the cost. Ambulatory surgery center is a speedily increasing market. It delivers health care services furnished with skilled medical practitioner, operational rooms and recovery rooms.

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Previously surgical treatment were practically completed in hospitals. Thus the appointments with long waiting time and a number of days stay in the hospital for the recovery was required. Nowadays in several nation state, surgical procedure are yet completed in this manner. However, in the advanced nations for example Japan, the US, Europe and in a small number of developing nations, surgical procedures are mostly accomplished in ambulatory surgery centers.

Doctors are unceasingly refining modus operandi and basics line of attack to deliver superior treatment for the progress of ambulatory surgery center (ASC). The amenities presented in ASC assists the doctors to conduct processes without any difficulty, confirm superior apparatus and materials utilized for their procedures, bring together groups of extremely skilled workforce and propose custom-made amenities to dissimilar field treatment for patients.


Growing number of conglomerates between hospitals to start ambulatory surgery centers are enhancing the global ASC industry during the current years and likely to upsurge during the period of forecast.

Patients’ approach concerning health care spending is stimulating global ambulatory surgery center market. These centers deliver finest operating experience likely at a lesser charge to patients. These centers are additionally effective at what time it comes to similar day surgical procedure and usually patients pay a smaller amount co-insurance at an ambulatory surgery center for the similar process received in the location of hospital.

Growing occurrence of long-lasting illnesses in the grown-up population is mainly motivating the global ambulatory surgery centers industry. The similar growth estimated to go on during the period of forecast.

Regional Lookout:

By Region the global ambulatory surgery center industry can be classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. In 2018, North America ruled the market and is estimated to keep up its place for the duration of the forecast. Most important reasons backing to the development of this market are growing subsidy by the government to spread the services of primary care and increasing coverage for casualty service area.

In Asia Pacific, the conception of Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is yet new. On the other hand, growing expenditures of healthcare due to the growth in occurrence of lingering illnesses, getting old population, greater spending on healthcare and growing readmissions in hospitals, have caused in the growth of casualty centers. Therefore, the state is estimated to witness the speedy development during the period of approaching years. Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Japan and India are the most important providers to the development of the provincial ambulatory surgery centers market.


Some of the important companies for ambulatory surgery center (ASC) industry are: Health way Medical Group, UnitedHealth Group, Team Health, Tenet Healthcare Corporation, Envision Healthcare Corporation, Surgery Partners, Quorum Health Corporation, MEDNAX Services, Inc., Terveystalo, NOVENA GLOBAL HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. and Community Health Systems, Inc.

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