Sand Blasting Machines Market Analysis by Application and Competitive Insights to 2020

Global “Sand Blasting Machines Market” 2020 Industry research report covers the industry overview with Marketplace Size, Share, Development, futuristic cost, earnings, demand and distribution data. Its vast repository offers an analytical summary of the marketplace that can help to the new and existing player to take a significant decision.

In this report, we thoroughly examine and analyse the Global market for Sand Blasting Machines so that market participants can improve their business strategy and ensure long-term success. This report provides players with useful information and suggests result-based ideas to give them a competitive advantage in the global Sand Blasting Machines industry. It will show how other players compete in the global Sand Blasting Machines Market and explain the strategies you use to differentiate yourself from other participants.

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The global sand blasting machines market size was estimated at USD 335 million in 2012 and is anticipated to reach USD 441.1 million by 2020, with a CAGR of 5.1%. The global sand blasting machine market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period. This growth is attributed to the increase in demand for these machines from both commercial as well as industrial segments. The market is also projected to be boosted by the growing popularity for robotic sand blasting technology that is becoming the norm for many large scale industries.

The scope of sand blasting has been increasingly widened due to the adoption of robotic blasting techniques. These techniques are becoming very attractive for applications that require high levels of quality control, part complexities and complex system requirements that would not normally be possible by traditional or standard automation system solutions. Furthermore, another factor that is expected to propel the market in the next eight years is the increasing demand for sand blasting machines from the automotive, construction and aerospace sectors. The creation of three dimensional rendering and signage is a practice that has been gaining importance in the recent past due to its usage of sand blasting techniques to result in carved and handmade look.

Factors that may hamper the growth of this market are the safety and health concerns associated with the use of these machines. The operators of sand blasting machines are exposed to carbon monoxide and silica. The inhalation of silica which has been used as an abrasive material in the past is known to cause serious diseases related to the lungs such as silicosis among others. Such concerns have pushed governments to impose bans on the extensive use of blast cleaning abrasives that contain an excess of 0.1% of free silica, due to which the market of other abrasive materials such as walnut shells, crushed glass and water among others, have increased in size. Moreover, the use of metallic grits and shots as abrasives in shot blasting machines are gaining popularity and are readily replacing traditional and blasting machines for various applications in order to protect users from contracting lung diseases.

This market incorporates significant opportunities over the forecast period for manufacturers to invest in research and development activities, so as to come out with machines that not only guarantee the safety of the operator but also work as efficiently and effectively. There also lies vast number of opportunities for retailers to invest in innovative sales approaches so as to increase the market size of such machines in order to maximize the reach of these products.

The global sand blasting machines market is segmented based on product into industrial sand blasting machines and mini sand blasting machines. The market can be further sub-divided into portable sand blasting machines or fixed/traditional sand blasting machines. Although industrial sand blasting machines are very popular among large enterprises, the market for mini and portable sand blasting machines is expected to increase over the next few years on account of growing demand from the commercial sector.

The Asia Pacific region has accounted for the largest market share of sand blasting machines in the past and this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period as well due to the increasingly widespread use of these machines in infrastructure, automotive, aerospace and construction industries. China is responsible for a major chunk of this market in the Asia Pacific region and contributes handsomely to global revenue generation. The selling prices of these products in the Asia Pacific region are comparatively lower when compared to other regions, however, huge demand is projected to result in considerable market revenue in the next few years. Furthermore, the North American market has the highest share for portable sand blasting machines which are used for applications including home improvement and automotive care.

The global sand blasting machine market is highly fragmented with a large number of players competing for a larger share of the market. Companies have now started investing on research and development activities in robotic sand blasting technology as well. Moreover, the industry is becoming even more competitive on account of numerous small scale regional players vying for market space. Intense competition among retailers is also resulting in new advanced and innovative technologies in this industry. Burwell Technologies which is an Australian based company, bought the robotics company Sabre Autonomous Solutions to commercialize autonomous grit blasting robots in order to ensure that personnel are safely away from the blasting zone. Manufacturers are now also investing in innovation to improve the safety of sand blasting machines. In line with this, Clemco Industries Corp. designed and developed a monitor that is mounted inside a safety helmet, ensuring protection and comfort against Carbon Monoxide which may contaminate the air supply of the blast operator. The sand blasting machines market is characterized by frequent mergers, acquisitions and alliances. Key activities in this regard were the acquisition of Hoffman Blast Room Equipment Inc. and AAC Engineering Systems Inc. by Empire Abrasive Equipment Co. and the strategic alliance between Omega Foundry Machinery and Sintokogio Group.

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