Global thermal scanner market projected to drive by the growing adoption of the thermal scanner in the aerospace & defense sector and automotive industry

Global thermal scanner market insights

Global thermal scanner market estimated to grow with a noteworthy rate during the forecast period, 2020-2027. It is owing to the security and surveillance applications across the private and public environments. Infrared Thermal scanner is a high-tech product that detects the infrared radiation of a target object and converts the temperature distribution image of the target object into a video image utilizing photoelectric conversion and electrical signal processing. It involves the integration and crossing of many disciplines such as optics, mechanics, microelectronics, physics, computer, and image processing.

The product composition mainly includes an infrared optical system, focal plane detector, subsequent circuits, and embedded image processing software. Based on principle, infrared thermal scanner technology not only has huge application potential in the fields of security, forest fire-prevention, inspection and quarantine, and medical treatment but also in the field of industrial production. The manufacturing industry continues to develop in an intelligent direction, infrared thermal imaging technology equipped with robots.

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The rise in applications of thermal scanner for passenger entrances and exits at international and domestic airports, passenger arrivals and departures at international terminal cruise ships, body temperature at domestic intersections, port entry/passenger passages, hospital admission halls, rapid screening of employees' temperature in large factories, primary and middle school disease prevention, and staff-intensive shopping and office buildings will propel the growth of global thermal scanner market in the forthcoming periods.

Product Type Overview in the Global Thermal Scanner Market

Based on product type, the global thermal Scanner market classified into a Handheld/portable camera, Fixed/mounted cores, and Scopes & vision goggles. The Handheld/portable camera segment is likely to lead the market by 2027. It provides a tactical advantage in the field, providing clear images in total darkness, and these rugged and portable systems reveal the location of victims and suspects alike and delivering mission-critical information that can save lives.



Technology Overview in the Global Thermal Scanner market

Based on technology, the global thermal scanner market bifurcated into Cooled and Uncooled. The Cooled segment is likely to lead the market by 2027, owing to its application for long-range imaging. The cooled thermal scanner used to determine the differentiation of objects to that of its background to estimate the hot spot and cool spot of the targeted image.

Application Overview in the Global Thermal Scanner Market

Based on application, the global thermal scanner market classified into Detection & measurement, Monitoring & inspection, Security & Surveillance, and Others. The Detection & measurement segment projected to lead the market due to its benefits, such as non-contact detection & measurement and quick, safe, and efficient decision making across critical infrastructure and medical diagnostic applications.

End-User Industry Overview in the Global Thermal Scanner Market

Based on end-user industry, the global thermal scanner market categorized into Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Others. Aerospace & Defense segments expected to dominate the market by 2027 due to growing usages of the thermal scanner on airport hubs, high-speed rail stations, and passenger stations for detection and monitoring of the returning passenger traffic and need to do an excellent job of initial inspection of the epidemic to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Regional Overview in the Global Thermal Scanner Market

By geography, the Global Thermal Scanner Market segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America anticipated dominating the market owing to the growing demand for thermal scanner across both industrial and commercial sectors. Additionally, the surge in tensions across the borders and countries has led to a rise in the demand for thermal scanner long-range surveillance in low-light conditions.

Global Thermal Scanner Market: Competitive Landscape

Companies such as 3M Scott, Axis Communications, Raytheon Company, L3 Technologies, Inc., Leonardo DRS, Fluke Corporation, FLIR Systems, Inc., BAE Systems Imaging Solutions, Tonbo Imaging, Seek Thermal, and ULIS are the key players in the Global Thermal Scanner Market.

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