Case study: How to make more than 3583 % Return On Marketing Investment with a combo of Content marketing + Instagram Promos in the fitness niche ???

A little preview on the equation:

1) We have a yoga-center (here is a link to it) in a small town with roughly 40 000 population living there;

2) They offer a course of fitness-yoga provided by a professional coach+nutritionist;

3) The goal was to attract precisely from Instagram an extra 6 people for 2 groups for the next month.

So, from looking at the previous Instagram feed and the idea that it's kinda hard to sell directly the course to people, who just don't realize the value of it, I have decided to use the combination of content marketing and Instagram promos.

And here's what was needed to be done as preparations for the whole promotion process:

1) To figure out what was the whole course about, all the unique features and value provided by it;

2) To create an avatar of the targeted audience for the course;

3) To gather up the most impressive "before/after" photos of the clients who have taken that course before;

4) To gather up and sort the juiciest photos of the coach herself to be posted later in the center's IG account.

Here is a screenshot from the mentioned above Instagram feed. The posts I'm talking about are below the red line. Six in total.

The first post is like a teaser or trailer for a new Marvel movie. Its purpose is to shake up the audience and spice up the feed of that account. And the key point is not to sell anything. Like that "Hello there! Here is a new kind of Me! And guess what?"

Now, when we have our followers' attention it's time to open up a little and show them what we meant to tell them in the first post. And the photos of the people's results are just right for it. And while you take a look at that post, you could notice that the number of likes has decreased by 2 times! You may wonder why? The answer is simple: good, at studio made photos get much more engagement. People like to see a good looking image.

And by the way at the end of that post, we tell little details about the thing affected those women whose pictures you just saw. But we don't tell them everything. We just give them bate to keep up with our Instagram feed. Notice, we still don't sell or offer anything - it's important to keep that in mind.

BOOM! Likes went up as soon as we posted a good looking image showing the trainer's body. Good photos rule! And in that post, we tell about the first main component of the fitness-yoga course which is nutrition, describing how the whole process works and how to achieve the results we have shown them before. And left bate for them at the end to keep on reading our posts.

In this post, we tell our followers about physical exercises and how they differ from any other kind of sport or fitness routine. We also cover the audience's typical fears of having back pain or crunchy knees after that course. And the important thing was that I had a very deep discussion with the coach about typical words, phrases, fears and hopes she has heard and seen from her clients to use it as an anchor in the post.

So those people who would read it later, they wouldn't get a sense of reading just some other trickery and cheap promotional post. But they will have trust in us because we actually do understand them.

So, as a resume for this feed:

  1. we created a teaser for our followers,
  2. showed them results from this fitness-yoga course,
  3. described what it consists of,
  4. and how it really helps them to lose weight, acquire a good, strong, fit, slim, flexible body.

Now it's a good time to roll out and show the offer itself. 6 vacant places for 2 groups. People had only 3 days to enlist. And guess what? We had those 6 people in just 2 days. One of them has changed her mind on the third day, because of her work time. But we were OK because we started to form up a queue of those who are also willing to attend the course if somebody changes her mind. Also, we began to form up a list for the next month.

As you can see - the target was achieved.

All of the posts were on Instagram Promotion in order to reach out as many people from targeted audiences in this town as possible.

The Total Revenue from this campaign was 430 $ (28 000 RUR).

Total Money spent for the Promotions - 12 $ (800 RUR).

The 1st-month Return on Marketing Investment

(ROMI = Revenue/Investment * 100%) was simply:

430/12 x 100% = 3583%

Average CLTV (client lifetime value - an indicator which tells you for how long does your client stays with you) which is 8 months.

And the Average Paycheck has a 10% discount from the 1st-month price.

So, to count the actual Revenue for those 8 months we simply do this math:

430 x 0.9 x 8 = 3096 $ (201 240 RUR)

And here is ROMI from those 6 clients for 8 months:

3096 / 12 x 100% = 25 800%

Sounds impressive, right?

Let me know if you want to get similar results from your Instagram and happily practice your yoga like that.😁

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