Join Agile workshop on Oct 25

Moscow PD team is launching a massive agile-learning program intended to boost your agile (read digital) skills.

Through the three-stages practical learning and simulations you’ll grow from the agile-beginner to advanced practitioner, certified scrum master and operating model architect. You’ll get the explicit observations of various types of real McKinsey agile implementation cases (especially in EEMA/CIS region) from different industries and how to effectively use advanced Firm knowledge to build client capabilities and maximize impact.

To reflect your needs and make the workshops content the most valuable please fill in a short survey by Thursday, October 10. Your ideas on any other digital skills to add are highly appreciated - please indicate it an appropriate survey field.  

1st workshop:

Who: R&A, AA, Pre-EMs and up

What: Introduction to agile basics and agile operating model based on cases from EEMA/CIS experience

When: Friday, October 25,  9.00am - 6.00pm, 5th floor, townhall area – invite will follow to your calendar shortly

Faculty: Digital AP Arsen Storozhev and Agile Coach Kirill Satyukov

Pre-work: Agile 101 online course (1h 20min)

Topics for the broader program:

1) Agile Basics – What are the agile values and principles? How do agile organizations look like and how are they different / similar to digital-native companies? What impacts does agility bring and what types of studies are differentiating McKinsey in the market?
2) Agile@Scale – What are the essential elements of the scaled agile operating model:
- Agile structure (tribes, chapters, squads, etc.)?
- Agile ceremonies and processes (standups, demos, QBR, BRP, budgeting etc.)?
- Agile people model (MVP-culture, competence based growth, etc.)?
- Agile technology (microservice architecture, cloud infrastructure, DevOps, CI/CD automation etc.)?
3) Design UX/UI - How to discover desirable product value proposition and best user experience for clients?
4) Product Management - What is the Product Owner role? How to build digital products and journeys that customer actually want?
5) Advanced Analytics - How to implement advanced analytics on agile studies?
6) Digital Marketing - What is digital unit economy? How to attract customers towards your digital products and journeys?
7) Modern digital tech - what is under car hood of digital products? Modern Architecture, Infrastructure, Tools, etc.

Your key contact for questions – Lilia Trembovetskaya and Syuzanna Margaryan

Join Agile learning program and increase your productivity!

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