July 20, 2020

Up-cycled Beachwear- The Key To Sustainable Fashion

Fashion, as we know it, is constantly evolving. What was trending yesterday is going to be out of fashion in no time. Every week there is a new collection. While this leaves the consumers with a great variety, it comes at a cost that’s absolutely not worth it. Fashion is broadly categorized into two – fast fashion and sustainable fashion. Whether it is denim or beachwear, you get both types of fashion wear. On one hand, there’s fast fashion – which is the first one to end the market and is cost-effective and on the other hand, there’s sustainable fashion – on-demand, customized, green, and therefore, a slightly expensive choice.

Customized Board Shorts By Dunstan SurfWear

Slowly and gradually, people are realizing the cost of fast fashion and are embracing sustainable fashion options. When it comes to beachwear and surfwear, one must definitely go with sustainable fashion. If you love nature, then you must do everything within your reach to protect it, isn’t it? Let’s first explain what is sustainable fashion and then look at up-cycled beachwear.

Image Credits - Wildelectric

Sustainable fashion: We’ve all become gotten used to the throwaway culture. With sales, new designs, and such affordable fast fashion choices, we have forgotten to see what it takes to make clothes so quickly and affordable. Fast fashion clothes are bad for the environment for several reasons. On the other hand, sustainable fashion is great for the environment as well as you. If you are someone who believes in quality over quantity, then sustainable surfwear is what you should pick. In fact, looking at the growing demand for sustainable fashion and upcycled surfwear, several sports clothing companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma have introduced their sustainable range of surfwear and sportswear.

One of the most popular sustainable fashion trends is upcycled beachwear. Imagine being at a beach that’s filled with trash. Lying down on plastics instead of sand because that’s the amount of waste that we dispose into the water. Won’t that kill the vibe completely? Well, that’s why companies like Dunstan surfwear have taken the onus of creating upcycled beachwear including sustainable surfwear and boardshorts. While there are several brands that are emerging now, Dunstan surfwear and boardshorts have been in the market since 1974 and since then they have been firm believers of sustainable fashion.

Benefits of upcycled beachwear and surfwear:

Quality: Sustainable fashion is designed to last for years. It is more durable than fast fashion and thus, the quality of material used for making upcycled beachwear and surfwear is unparalleled. Of course, this quality comes at a cost. However, once you try it, you will know that it is worth every penny spent.

Comfort: Since sustainable fashion is bespoke, the clothes are made basis your measurement and thus, offer superior comfort. You no longer have to go by the size labels, rather just build your own surfwear that is designed just for you.

Customizable: your surfwear and beachwear should be as unique as you, shouldn’t it? Well, Dunstan surfwear has a plethora of options to choose from and offers 100% customization. Every product is bespoke and hence, unique to your personality.