April 9, 2022

Instruction manual

What are signals for binary options?

Signals are a tool for collaborative trading. We carry out technical analysis and share this information with everyone.

Trade with us and make profit 6 days a week. Good luck.

How to use signals?

Step 1: Prepare the currency pair

  1. We open a trading platform (in our case, this Quotex);
  2. Find the desired currency pair (in this case EUR / CAD);
  3. Open the chart type “Candles” with TF 1 minute (interval M1);
  4. If desired, we mark for ourselves the same areas as in the screenshot (for convenience);
  5. We are waiting to touch or enter the price zone.
Look at which currency pair the signal
Find this currency pair on the platform
Open the chart type “Candles”
With TF 1 minute (interval M1)

Step 2: Touch the first level

  1. Look in which direction you need to open a deal (up or down);
  2. Prepare the necessary expiration time (in our case 3 minutes);
  3. When the price touches the first level, open a deal;
  4. If the deal is profitable, expect the next signal;
  5. If the trade is unprofitable, expect to touch the second level;
  6. If the price has not reached the level and you see the message "cancel", expect the next signal.

Pay attention to the direction and time of expiration

Choose an expiration time in advance

Open a deal from the first level

Step 3: Touch the second level

  1. If the first level has been broken, expect to touch the second level;
  2. Open a deal in the same direction and with the same expiration of time from the second level (lot multiplied by 2);
  3. Wait for the deal to close and wait for the next signal.

Prepare the lot and expiration time

Open a deal from the second level

After closing deals, you can always see our result

Important information

Always adhere to money management. Do not put more than 5% of the pot per lot.