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A fish, as you know, does not fit a bare hook, although there are times when a voracious brush or rotan clings to a hook without a nozzle, taking it for a worm, but this is an exception, only confirming the rule. A nozzle that attracts fish is needed anyway. Depending on the main type of food and the type of fishing you need to pick up the bait:Vegetable nozzles. They are most actively caught by representatives of the carp family in the summer: at this time they switch mainly to a vegetarian diet. They do not disregard boiled cereals (mainly barley), macaroni, steamed cereals, bread, dough, mastyrka from flour or semolina, corn, peas, and sometimes even lumps of algae. Boilies, dried balls of vegetable origin intended for carping by other members of this family, should be singled out as a special group.

Animal bait.

Passive predator fishing is carried out mainly on bait of animal origin: they bait bottom tackle, toefish, float fishing rods. A large predator such as pike and perch-humpback is good for live bait (fry of fish), and sometimes a frog.

Among other baits of this group it is necessary to note all sorts of larvae (bark beetle, moldy worm, caddis flies, bloodworms), worms (rain, manure), insects (bugs, dragonflies, grasshoppers), mormysh. Peaceful fish are also not averse to eat worm larvae, especially in the spring and autumn periods. It is noted that the most attractive are the bait, giving signs of life: for example, when sitting on the hook of the worm, you should leave at the end of the sting a small appetizingly wriggling tail.

Artificial bait.

Artificial bait is used mainly with active methods of catching a predator. For example, when spinning fishing used baits of various modifications, wobblers, as well as soft silicone bait. All of them are united by one thing: in carrying out the wiring, their movements resemble the small-fish motor skills, thereby forcing the predator to attack them.When preparing for fishing, you should stock up with lures of several kinds in order to be able to vary them in the absence of a bite. Sometimes, a combination of two tips on one hook is effective.