Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Market Size, Share | Growth Rate & Future Developments | Forecast To 2025

Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Market is estimated to reach USD 17.3 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 5.9% from 2014 to 2020. Natural gas, the cleanest of all the fossil fuels is a rapidly growing energy source and is gaining market share significantly. Owing to its increasing applications for domestic and transportation use, it has been evolving as one of the primary sources of global fuel.

Coal bed methane (CBM) is also known as coal bed gas, coal-mine gas, or coal seam gas (CSG). Coal Bed Methane market is estimated to gain moderate growth owing to its growing application in manufacturing, residential, automotive sector. Shale gas and CBM are used as alternatives for depleting oil reserves and increasing energy demand.

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Moreover, it is expected that availability of unconventional sources is much higher than conventional natural gas sources. CBM production is projected to increase over the forecast period owing to increased exploration and extraction of conventional natural gas globally. By application of vertical drilling, the cost of producing one cubic meter of CBM costs around USD 0.11. Drilling cost is approximately around 75% of total production of one cubic meter of CBM. Maintenance cost for equipment and machinery costs nearly 6.8% of the total cost, while the operational expenses goes to 5.4% of the total cost.

Application Insight:

The major application for this segment includes industrial, power generation, commercial, Residential, automotive sector and transportation. In 2013, over 64% of total production was consumed by industries and power generation plants. Currently, power generation is the most attractive investment sector globally owing to higher return on investment. CBM can be converted into petrol, ethanol or diesel, can also be stored in canisters for application of domestic or local fuels. The high quality of gas recovered is suitable for replacing conventional natural gas in power stations which include gas turbines and gas engines systems.

Regional Insight:

Globally, Canada and USA are largest producers accounting for over 70% of total volume in 2013. Demand for CBM in the region is largely driven by the increasing market for sustainable fuel in U.S. and to reduce the reliance on conventional sources of natural gas. The Asia Pacific region, owing to increasing drilling operations mostly in coal-rich nations such as India, China, Australia, Indonesia is expected to be the fastest growing CBM market globally.

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Market Segment:

CBM Application Outlook (Volume, Bcf; Revenue, USD Billion; 2012-2020)

• Power Generation

• Industrial

• Residential

• Commercial

• Transportation

Regional coverage of the database includes:

• North America

• U.S.

• Canada

• Europe

• Russia

• Asia-Pacific

• China

• India

• Australia

• Indonesia

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