September 23, 2019

Mixed Technologies

by Michael Voinov

series of acts

Concert / tasting / presentation vinyl EP


composer / bartender mixologist / film director / sommelier / dj

Director, composer, producer, inventor of new theatrical formats.

story: from 2009 to 2017 he shot a large international project with the stars of the world bar industry.

Had series of master-classes in Italy, the UK and Russia about this project, shot about a hundred video clips for top bartenders, wrote music as soundtrack for them, made a multimedia exhibition on giant screens and released a music album with this music, which is released on absolutely unexpected media (for example, on a t-shirt with a qr code for download).

Saturday 28.09.2019 Moscow, New Arbat, "October" Cinema Hall

he makes the presentation of the Vinyl version of the EP of his album Michael Voinov LIQUID DREAMS with a live performance and a new unexpected format of music material on the medium, which promises to be a new trend in the format of submission and can claim a fresh direction of contemporary art.

MICHAEL VOINOV, Mixed Technologies

In the program

Michael Voinov - Liquid Live

Denis Millionov - drinks, cocktails

Organic - dj-set

Sommelier with a story about an interesting release and a bottle raffle among the guests

Stars of Russian cinema and show business

Gathering of guests from 19.30 28.09.2019 New Arbat, 24 Cinema " October"

Follow the red carpet!

Music and video by Michael Voinov

Michael Voinov LIQUID DREAMS full music album:


exclusive price for community - 1200 rub