How do I tie an extra wallet? BIP Wallet v2.0

In the previous article we saw how to create a wallet in an updated version of BIP Wallet 2.0. Today we will describe the capabilities of the updated functionality, for further understanding in using this version.

In the update, users can add up to 5 wallets to the application. On an example, step by step, we will analyze the function of adding an additional wallet.

First, select the item to bind your wallet. Later, by the action presented, you will switch to the desired wallet for use. See photo number 1.

photo number 1

As soon as you press on the specified item, a window will appear where you should choose a further action. See photo number 2.

photo number 2

Binding the existing wallet

1) confirm the action by clicking on the button "add a new wallet".
Then a window appears, where you should choose to create a new wallet or to bind an existing one.

If you add an existing wallet, you should:
2) insert a saved seed phrase from an existing wallet you want to bind.
3) In this line, you can specify the name of the additional wallet, or leave this line without filling.

After filling out the fields, you should press the button "save", as a result of which the added wallet is saved and ready to use.

Creation and binding of a new wallet

4) Click the button to create a new wallet
5) Copy the generated seed phrase.

Important! The secret phrase is given only once, when creating a wallet. It is impossible to change and restore the secret phrase, as only you have access to the wallet. When you create a passphrase, you need to copy it and save it in several places, without access to unauthorized persons and affiliations. If the key is lost or made public, you will lose your accumulated crypto assets.

6) Confirm that you have saved the seed phrase.
7) Create a wallet by pressing the "activate wallet" button.

Your wallet is saved and ready for use.

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