British Airways Change Flight?

What is the process to change flight with British Airways?

If you have booked a flight with British Airways then you must know that you can change flight afterward from manage booking section available online. British Airways passengers can apply the eligible changes in their booked flight and sometimes they also have to pay some flight change fee along with that. Further, the information about how to change flight with British Airways and the conditions on the basis of which you are allowed to make a flight change is given below.

British Airways change flight process

· Visit British Airways website and select manage booking option

· Type Booking ID and passenger’s last name

· Tap find the button to retrieve your bookings and a list of booked flight will open

· Select the flight you want to change and click the Change button next to it

· Pay change fee if applied and save the change

British Airways change flight terms & conditions

· You are allowed to change the date and time of your booked flight.

· Changing the number of passengers is not allowed.

· When the change flight you want to apply is before 24 hours of booking then it is advisable to cancel your flight instead as you will get a full refund. Then you can re-book your flight on the basis of your requirement.

· British Airways change flight fee is calculated by the global fee calculator.

You can contact British Airways customer support for more details.