China Eastern Airline's Cancellation policy ?

China Eastern Airline's Cancellation policy

China Eastern Airlines is a major Chinese airline. It has a fleet size of 552 and serves 248 destinations. If you want to cancel your existing China Eastern booking then you can do so. We are providing the cancellation policy of the airline to help you cancel tickets.

Some major points to China Eastern Airline's Cancellation policy process.

  • According to China's eastern airline cancellation policy passengers can cancel tickets within 24 hours of their booking and receive a full refund without paying the cancellation fee.
  • Tickets canceled after 24 hours will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • The fee will depend on various factors like the route, type of ticket, fare rules, cancellation time and the class passengers are traveling in.
  • Cancellation can be done online through the airline’s website and by calling the reservation center or the customer support center of the airline.
  • Passengers can also request for refunds. However, no tickets are eligible for refunds. Refund will depend on fare rule and ticket purchased.
  • If passengers cancel a partially used ticket then only the amount of unused ticket will be refunded after the deduction of the used flight, cancellation fee and refund fee.
  • For group bookings, the number of unused tickets cannot be refunded. However unused ticket taxes can be refunded.

If passengers have any doubt or want to know more about the China eastern airlines cancellation policythen they can contact the customer service center of the airline and get their assistance.